An eventful spring for Ricky Rapper on the page and screen

RRNeedyNellycatA trailer for Ricky Rapper and Slick Leonard, the fourth film based on Sinikka Nopola and Tiina Nopola’s iconic children’s book series, has been released with English subtitles. See the trailer here. Ricky Rapper is Finland’s best-known modern children’s character, with rights to the books sold in 16 territories to date. Beyond the book series, the Nopola sisters have also penned each of the screenplays.

In Ricky Rapper and Slick Leonard, Ricky’s aunts Serena (“Rose”) and Fran (“Elvy”) decide to recruit a father figure for Ricky. The quirky and loveable mr. Leonard Lindberg, already close with Ricky and desperately smitten with Serena, adopts several hilarious disguises in hopes of getting selected for the job. Ricky and his best friend Nelly soon catch wind of his plan. The film premiered in cinemas on February 7th, and is by far the highest-grossing 2014 release in Finland with nearly 300,000 viewers to date.

A full German translation of the 13th entry in the Ricky Rapper book series, Ricky Rapper and the Double, will be available in May!

The 14th title in the series, Ricky Rapper and the Scrooge of Seville, will be published later this year. The Nopola sisters and Ricky will also be making a splash in Germany this year, with Sinikka and Tiina Nopola visiting the International Children’s and Young Adults Book Weeks in Cologne in June of 2014.

The Ricky Rapper series:
ARABIC, Dar al Saqi
CHINA, Beijing Xiron Books
DENMARK, Turbine
DENMARK, Carlsen
ESTONIA, TEA Publishers
FINLAND (Sámi), ABC-Company
HUNGARY, Cerkabella
JAPAN, Komine Shoten
LATVIA, Zvaigzne
LITHUANIA, Nieko Rimto
SLOVENIA, Sodobnost
SPAIN, Santillana
SWEDEN, Bonnier Carlsen
TURKEY, Altin Kitaplar

Original publisher: FINLAND, Tammi

Reading materials:
Full English text of Ricky Rapper and Needy Nelly (book 12)
Full German text of book 13 available soon!
English sample of book 1, book 3 and book 13
German sample of books 1 and 13
Spanish edition of book 12