Miina Supinen’s Ray Girl gets critical raves

Supinen SadeMiina Supinen, whose 2007 novel Jelly Control (Liha tottelee kuria, WSOY) was nominated for the prestigious Helsingin Sanomat Debut Book award, continues to entice critics and readers with her latest creation, Ray Girl (Säde, WSOY 2013). The book examines love, regret, commitment, sex, culture clashes and religion through the story of vivacious Finnish woman Säde, cynical English archeologist Vic and emotionally reserved computer programmer Antti.

“Ray Girl is not only a gutsy love story, but also a humorous and audacious look at people’s emotional needs. Readers are allowed, and should, laugh at the various ways in which we try to fill our inner void,” wrote Turun Sanomat (“Turku Times”) newspaper.

“I really enjoyed Supinen’s laid-back use of language. Her humor doesn’t feel forced but hits you in a sneaky way. Even the religious examination is done in good taste,” said Morren maailma (“Morre’s world”) literature blog, calling Ray Girl one of the year’s best Finnish novels.

“She is a distinctive addition to Finnish contemporary literature: an author who intrinsically writes from an unabashedly comical perspective,” Finland’s largest newspaper Helsingin Sanomat has said of Supinen.

In addition to the 2014 publication of Ray Girl and later release of Jelly Control in Germany, Supinen’s short stories will appear in two German publications this year. Rights to Ray Girl have also been sold in Denmark.

Rights sold

Ray Girl and Jelly Control
Germany, Suhrkamp

Ray Girl
Denmark, Turbine

Reading material:
Ray Girl: English sample
Jelly Control: English sample

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