Congratulations to Finlandia Prize winner Rosa Liksom – author of Jepata Nasta children’s books

Rosa Liksom is a Finnish artist and author of several novels and short stories, which have been translated into 16 languages so far. Winner of the 2011 Finlandia Prize for Compartment Number 6 (WSOY), Liksom is also author of the charming Jepata Nasta children’s books.

Jepata Nasta on the North Pole is an unconventional odyssey to the North Pole, but also a book with an environmental message. The touching story is humorous, suspenseful and sad at the same time – just like a good story should be. The hilarious pictures are taken by the French photographer Charles Fréger. The first Jepata Nasta book, Jepata Nasta’s Flight, is both written and illustrated by Rosa Liksom.

Check out short samples of the books (in Finnish) on Rosa Liksom’s website:

Please contact us for reading copies and see the French sample translation of Jepata Nasta on the North Pole!