Ben Furman’s bestselling titles sold to the Netherlands, Russia and Estonia

The Dutch rights to Dr. Ben Furman‘s upcoming book I’m Proud of You! (Olen ylpeä sinusta!) have been sold to Uitgeverij Pica, publisher of several Ben Furman’s previous titles.

The Russian rights to Furman’s Kids’ Skills (Muksuoppi) and Kids’ Skills in Action (Muksuopin lumous) have been sold to Alpina in a two-book deal, and the Estonian rights to Kids’ Skills have been sold to Tänapäev. Published in 2003, Kids’ Skills has previously been translated into sixteen languages. Also Furman’s 2010 title, Kids’ Skills in Action, has been translated into several languages, including English (Australia), Spanish, German, Dutch and Swedish, just to name a few.

Furman’s self-help book for adults, Enjoy Your Life Again, came out in 2011 and his new book for parents and educators, I’m Proud of You!, is due to be published in February 2012.

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