Kalle Isokallio to be represented by the Ahlback Agency

Elina Ahlback Literary Agency and Kalle Isokallio have just signed a representation agreement, giving us the wonderful opportunity to sell the foreign rights to Isokallio’s picaresque novels.

Kalle Isokallio began authoring books full-time in 1996. An observer of the era in which he lives, Isokallio strives through his works to understand what the world ought to be like. Intentional and unintentional humor arises when Isokallio’s imaginary world comes in contact with the real world.

Isokallio’s latest novel, The Idealist (Maailmanparantaja, Tammi 2011), is the story of Perttu Korhonen, captain of industry, who decides that the world is so off-kilter, it will take more than one man to straighten things out. But he definitely has what it takes to single-handedly sort out Nurmela County. Isokallio has previously published 13 novels, among them a satirical tale of Finnishness, Finnish Dabbler (Suomalainen puolisukeltaja, Tammi 2007).

If you like Arto Paasilinna, you’ll enjoy Kalle Isokallio!

World rights available, please ask for sample translations.