Maarit Verronen awarded with Tähtivaeltaja Prize

The Helsinki Science Fiction Society Tähtivaeltaja (Star Wanderer) Prize for best science fiction book published in 2010 in Finnish is awarded 4.7.2011 to Maarit Verronen’s Bright and Clear (Kirkkaan selkeää, Tammi 2010).

Maarit Verronen now joins the company of such previously-honoured speculative fiction greats as Cormac McCarthy (The Road), Richard Matheson (I am Legend), Dan Simmons (Hyperion), and Phillip K. Dick (A Scanner Darkly).

‘Long-time science fiction and fantasy author Maarit Verronen’s Bright and Clear is a stylish dystopia with roots deep in the disturbing characteristics of contemporary society. It is a literary, thematically complete novel that paints a comprehensive vision of to what sort of a world indifference to the well-being of nature and humanity will lead.’ – Tähtivaeltaja prize committee press release

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