Marko Hautala and Sami Hilvo get German readers

Shrouds Worms The Liquor CardDTV aqcuired the translation rights to Marko Hautala‘s Shrouds (Käärinliinat) and the upcoming book, Worms (Torajyvät), in a two-book-deal with the prominent German publisher. Worms will be published in Finland in May, making the deal even more exceptional. Marko Hautala received the Kalevi Jäntti Prize for Young Authors in November 2010.

Sami Hilvo‘s The Liquor Card (Viinakortti) will be published in German by Männerschwarm in 2012. The Liquor Card is a story of unconventional love between two men in wartime Finland. It was shortlisted for the Helsingin Sanomat Debut Book of the Year Award in 2010.