Rights to Tammi’s fantastic children’s books sold all over the world!

Jalonen Louhi Lindman Peltoniemi Isomäki Kaakinen TolppanenMore Finnish children’s books will be read abroad when Riitta Jalonen and Kristiina Louhis Aidan and Sophie (Aatos ja Sofia), Mervi Lindman‘s Memmuli Runs Away to the Circus (Memmuli karkaa sirkukseen) and Sari Peltoniemi‘s Servant of Dusk (Hämärän renki) are published in China, Denmark and Lithuania, respectively. The Danish rights were also sold to Risto Isomäki, Jussi Kaakinen and Petri Tolppanen‘s Sands of Sarasvati graphic novel, which was also recently published in Hungary.