Strong interest for vampires, zombies, and thrillers in Frankfurt

The Elina Ahlback Literary Agency was attending, for the first time as an international rights’ agent, to the Frankfurt and Gothenbourg Book Fairs selling foreign rights for the publishers’ books represented by the agency. Paranormal thrillers, twin-sisters, evil step-mothers, and some more vampires created the biggest buzz at the fair. After Stieg Larsson’s and Stephenie Meyer’s global success, a lot of publishers were also in demand for new voices in literature from Finland, and other Scandinavian countries for fiction, thrillers, and young adult fiction.

Climate catastrophe and Healing Depression the Mind Body way were other hot topics at the fair.

The Elina Ahlback Literary Agency is expanding its business, and will be representing the best of Finnish and Scandinavian authors, and publishers in international markets selling foreign rights for their works in fiction, non-fiction and children’s books. In the future, the agency will be representing Finnish authors in Finland negotiating the best possible publishing contracts for their clients.