Little Brother’s Marvellous Expedition

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Finnish edition

Original title: Pikkuveli ja mainio harharetki

Published: 2017

Publisher: Teos

Class/genre: Picture Book

Pages: 64


Arvid Lydecken Award 2018, winner
The Most Beautiful Books of 2018, honorary mention
Lasten LukuVarkaus Award 2018, nominee

The Countess and her Little Brother are about to embark on a big expedition into the rainforest in their back garden on a quest to track down the mythical Bogeyeribbon anaconda, a terribly dangerous giant snake. Equipped with harpoons and binoculars, the intrepid duo are ready for the jungle, where they encounter bloodthirsty swamp leopards, croaking frogs, goat traps and all sorts of other incredible things. The siblings are helped on their way by Little Brother’s matchbox-sized monkey, and a granny who lives in a house on stilts.

A skilfully-told humorous adventure story about siblinghood and adventures in one’s own back garden.

”The graphic, full page illustrations with wildly fun characters and colors are inspiring.”  The Most Beautiful Books of 2018 jury

”Wild but thoughtful” – Arvid Lydecken Prize jury 2018

“Children’s literature might be the last territory where anarchy is order and the unconventional is wished for. Echoes of these can be found in abundance in the work of Leena Parkkinen and Jussi Karjalainen. – – A healthy phenomenon is that children’s literature can handle societal themes with the aid of allegories. What does not necessarily open up immediately, might simmer in the subconscious and become a life-changing revelation later on.” – Turun Sanomat newspaper

“A good children’s book does not underestimate the child. A good children’s book transports the reader to strange lands and to the solemn logic of child’s play. Adults also will enjoy reading such a book. […] Little Brother’s Magnificent Expedition is exactly that.”  Kainuun Sanomat newspaper

“Parkkinen’s language is rich and entertaining, the characters deliciously built. Jussi Karjalainen’s illustrations capture the exciting atmosphere of the story very nicely.” — Lastut blog


Leena Parkkinen

Leena Parkkinen has authored three prize-winning adults’ novels set in 20th century Europe, often about people living at the margins society. Her skillful use of detail is often imbued with an element of suspense. She has also written two children’s story books.

Parkkinen has received numerous literary awards, such as Helsingin Sanomat Literature Prize for the best debut (2009), Academic Bookshop’s Bestselling Debut Prize (2009), Laila Hirvisaari Award (2010) and the Kalevi Jäntti Prize (2013), in addition to being nominated for the Tulenkantaja Export Prize 2017. Her works have been translated into seven languages to date.



Leena Parkkinen

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