Elina Rouhiainen’s Wolf Creek series sold in China!

RouhiainenChinaJuly2014We are excited to announce that Modern Press – the Chinese publisher of Salla Simukka’s Snow White Trilogy – has acquired simplified Chinese rights to Untamed (Kesytön, Tammi 2012) and Endangered (Uhanalainen, Tammi 2013), the first two entries in Elina Rouhiainen‘s Wolf Creek series.

The YA series tells the story of Raisa, an artistic high school girl who moves to live with her uncle in Lapland after the death of her mother. As she settles into a small town populated by oddly beautiful people who appear to be watching her every move, she finds herself drawn to a boy with the eyes of a wolf.

Wolf Creek, which puts a twist on the paranormal romance genre with its feisty protagonist, a Finnish wilderness setting and imaginative plot turns, has garnered praise from Finnish critics and bloggers. The third entry, Hunted (Jäljitetty, Tammi 2014) will debut in Finland this fall, while the fourth book in the series, Traced (Vainuttu, Tammi 2015) will hit bookstores in 2015.

“I read [Untamed] in one night. Wolf Creek and its strange inhabitants sucked me in…this was definitely a book that exceeded my expectations: I thought I would be getting a typical paranormal romance with its clichés, but this was something much more and much better.”
-The Finnish Reading Centre’s young readers’ literary journal Lukufiilis

“Rouhiainen has a way with words and knows how to tell a captivating tale…The Wolf Creek series merges fast-paced storytelling and a sense of danger with more contemplative tones in just the right way.”
Keskisuomalainen newspaper, Finland

Original publisher:
CHINA, Modern Press

Reading materials:
Finnish editions of books 1-3
English sample of book 1
German samples of books 1-2

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