Recent children’s book deals & reviews: monsters, virtual realities and nonfiction

Following Bologna Book Fair, year’s main event of children’s books’ rights, we’re very glad to announce new deals for our fantastic children’s books.

In Russia, the Monster Nanny series by Tuutikki Tolonen and Pasi Pitkänen has been sold to Rosman at auction. Rosman is one of the biggest Russian publishers, whose list includes for example J.K. Rowling, Philip Pullman, and many more. Monster Nanny, “the monstrous Mary Poppins”, is a universally charming award-winning story, which is to be developed into a Hollywood feature film by Scott Free Productions and published in 22 languages.

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Another Russian deal was struck for What Is the Night and What Is Water, the bedtime books of fictional and factual stories for information-hungry kids and adults. KompasGuide, the Moscow-based publishing house founded in 2008, whose authors include names such as Michael Ende and Christine Nöstlinger, acquired the rights to both of the children’s nonfiction books.

“We do hope our Russian audience will enjoy and adore the aesthetics of these books and like the illustrations of the magnificent Finnish artists. We are really proud to start our collaboration with these titles,” said Igor Grizhuk, Foreign Rights Manager of KompasGuide Publishing House.

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Another hot title in Bologna from our YA list was Beta, the first book in the Sensored Reality trilogy by Aki Parhamaa and Anders Vacklin. See here for a trailer video for the book (with over 22,000 views!):

The novel has also received praising reviews from literature bloggers:

“Quite an excellent start for a trilogy! A compelling story, a good plot, an imaginative and credible milieu, well-described places and events and well-written characters carry the story smoothly and naturally.” – Teatterinna blog

“The book stands out in the Finnish dystopia book scene, I’m eagerly looking forward to the next part in the series.” –Literature Is Pink blog

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At the Bologna Book Fair, Elina Ahlbäck was also interviewed for the magazine Publishers Weekly Bologna Show Daily, and the piece was published under the title “Can Finnish Children’s Literature Become a Worldwide Phenomenon?”: click the link to read the article on pages 24-26. (The answer, by the way, is yes!)

Rights sold: Monster Nanny
Original publisher: FINLAND, Tammi
BOSNIA, Šahinpašić
BRAZIL, DarkSide Books
CHINA, Beijing Children’s Publishing House
ESTONIA, Tiritamm
FRANCE, Editions Robert Laffont
GERMANY, Carl Hanser Verlag
HUNGARY, Tessloff Babilon
ITALY, Salani/Mauri Spagnol
LATVIA, Zvaigzne
NETHERLANDS, Luitingh-Sijthoff
NORWAY, Gyldendal Norsk
ROMANIA, Editura Univers
RUSSIA, Rosman
SLOVENIA, Mladinska knjiga
SPAIN (Spanish), La Galera
SPAIN (Catalan), La Galera
SWEDEN, Rabén & Sjögren
TURKEY, SEV Redhouse Kidz
WORLD ENGLISH, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
FILM RIGHTS, Scott Free Productions

Right sold: Night 
Orig. publisher: FINLAND, Myllylahti
RUSSIA, KompasGuide

Rights sold: Water
Orig. publisher: FINLAND, Myllylahti
RUSSIA, KompasGuide

Rights sold: Beta
Orig. publisher: FINLAND, Tammi

Laura Ertimo

Laura Ertimo is a geographer and author. She has previously worked in publishing of geography-related non-fiction and maps, and now she writes full time, specializing in children’s non-fiction. A recurring theme in her work is the holistic worldview, the interaction between phenomena, people and nature.

In 2020, she received the prestigious Tietopöllö Award for her work as a Non-Fiction writer.

The Tietopöllö award jury: Laura Ertimo knows how to sum up difficult things appropriately in the blink of an eye. Her works can provide information and joy to a wide range of readers, and they also attract people of all ages to delve deeper into the book and consider even difficult issues together. Laura Ertimo's books open paths to important and current topics.

Pasi Pitkänen

Pasi Pitkänen has become known for his richly detailed illustrative work on several children’s books such as the Monster Nanny duology by Tuutikki Tolonen. He has also worked at Rovio Entertainment as an illustrator, character designer and graphic designer; Angry Birds: Bad Piggies’ Egg Recipes (Rovio Books 2012), illustrated by Pitkänen, was named Best First Cookbook of the Year at 2012’s Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. Among Pitkänen’s hobbies are quantum physics, people-watching, B-movies, insects and baking.

Satu Kontinen

Satu Kontinen (b. 1976) is a graphic designer and illustrator obsessed with little animals and Instagram photography. She is known for using bold colours and creating quirky creatures and worlds of cuteness that spark the imagination of kids and adults. In 2008 she was given an award for designing and illustrating one of the most beautiful book covers in Finland (Vuoden kaunein kirja) by the Finnish Book Art Committee, and in 2004 she was nominated for the Finlandia Junior Prize.

Since starting “her own thing,” the Mokomakis, in 2011, she has quickly gained recognition around the world and is currently working on a number of international illustration commissions.

Tuutikki Tolonen

Tuutikki Tolonen is the author of several acclaimed children’s books, plays and academic articles. For Monster Nanny she received the Arvid Lydecken award. She teaches creative writing and has worked as an editor and reporter at Vinski, Finland’s only literary journal for children. Her inspiration for the Monster Nanny trilogy sparked during a family breakfast. “My son Leo, then six, said: ‘I heard on the radio yesterday that all moms have to go on vacation and monsters will take their places,” she says.

Tolonen is currently writing the Agnes series, of which the first book "Agnes and the Garden of Dreams" was in 2020 nominated for both Runeberg Junior and Arvid Lydecken Awards and won LukuVarkaus 2020 award!