Undertaker 2: Death Angel

Marko Kilpi

Original title: Undertaker 2: Kuoleman enkeli

Author: Marko Kilpi

Published: 2018

Publisher: Crime Time

Genre: Crime & Suspense

Book 2 in the Undertaker series

For a long time, the police have been chasing a nameless ghost-like criminal boss, and now they have a clue: the undertaker/murderer Kivi’s right-hand man has ratted on him. Kivi manages to hold his cover, but is now in need of a new aide, and Kivi’s new assistant at the funeral home, Tuomas, seems like a perfect replacement. Tuomas starts sinking into the world of crime: by the time his brother’s killer is revealed, there may not be any other option left than to accept his fate.

The Undertaker series about the thin line between right and wrong continues with an anticipated new novel. 

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Rights sold:
FINLAND: Crime Time (orig.)

About author

Marko Kilpi

Marko Kilpi (b. 1969) is an author and policeman. Praised by critics, his novels have been awarded several literary prize nominations. The Land of the Living was honored with the Savonia Prize for Literature and a Hollywood movie is in the making.


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