The Spell of Iset

Highly imaginative world-building and mythological storytelling in a YA Space-Witch series inspired by Hayao Miyazaki, Neil Gaiman and Diana Wynne Jones

Finlandia Prize nominated series!

A series partly based on Earth and partly on the witch planet, Royaume, where the eternal night reigns!

Magdalena Hai’s works have been sold to over 25 countries!

What happens to Earth when the elves return? The magnificent fantasy adventure continues.

After battling the great witches, Lune seeks to understand her mysterious power and erratic boyfriend Niemann. At the same time, the Elven forest gate opened by Lune has begun to live its own life. The beautiful Elven people are now flowing back to Earth from which they had been banished by the Principal. In Royaume, the Black Witch makes a grand re-entrance, but for the first time in a thousand years a rebellion is smoldering in the realm. The brilliant Minuit is stalked by a different kind of threat – a new court witch who wants nothing less than her heart.

The first installment of the series, The Third Sister, was nominated for the Finlandia Prize in Children’s and Youth Literature.

The Horned God

Creeping horror for the YA audience

  • Magdalena Hai’s books have been sold in over 20 territories and she has been nominated for several prestigious awards (Finlandia Prize, Nordic Council Literature Prize).
  • Magdalena Hai is the winner of the Finnish Lierary Export Prize (2017) and Kaarina Helakisa Prize (2020)

When death touches your life, everything changes.

Lauri wakes up in the hospital after a fatal car crash and he doesn’t remember much about it. Mom is dead and now life has changed drastically.

When Lauri starts his slow recovery in a small town at his aunt’s house, he has an unpleasant feeling that everything is not right. The dead don’t stay dead and the beautiful neighbor Vilja-Maaria doesn’t want to live. When an ominous creature with antlers appears behind the window, Lauri begins to see nightmarish dreams that feel too real.