The Lynx Factor

Brand new crime novel by Finland’s besteselling female crime author! A new standalone sequel in the Bodyguard series!

The fifth title in the Bodyguard series by Finland’s bestselling female crime write deals with secrets of the super-rich in a claustrophobic space in Lapland.

Hilja Ilveskero is hired for a secret nature holiday center for the super-rich in Eastern Lapland called Ilvesvaara. The owner of the place fears the worst security threat is coming from the inside.

Arriving in Ilvesvaara, Hilja notices that this is not just an ordinary spa hotel, but a luxurious theme park, which is only accessible to eight guests at a time and where wildlife roams freely. Millionaire Aku Rautio will also appear soon. Hilja is already familiar with the man, as she has spent one hectic night with him. When Aku then mysteriously disappears, everyone in the resort comes under suspicion, including Hilja. Why doesn’t Aku’s wife want to report the disappearance to the police? Why did so many people in Ilvesvaara know Aku?

Leena Lehtolainen’s fifth Hilja Ilveskero novel is a dense mystery of an enclosed space that shows that even a lavish setting and the latest technology cannot protect people from unpredictable nature.