Fun Academy

The ‘Fun Learning’ program is created by an incredible team of people led by Sanna Lukander, the Fun Academy CEO and a textbook publishing veteran. The team includes illustrators, graphic designers, children’s writers, Finnish teachers, and topical experts who create these fun adventures and stories. There is even a panel of children who form a focus group to make sure they get their say on everything concerning the Kip Crew! The book characters have been designed in cooperation with children in Finland and Spain.

Fun Academy, an official member of Education Finland (,  is an early education company that provides pedagogical solutions based on the unique ‘Fun Learning’ approach.

The aim is to bring the best early education to every child on the planet. The solutions are developed for truly international application and can be adapted to complement other curricula.


2022, Chapter Books (3-6 Years)

Fun Academy 1: The Kip Crew Book Series

Fun Academy