Winter in Bug Forest

Winter in Bug Forest is freezing, but sometimes little bugs’ love lets it warm up a bit! After the beautiful summer, Mr. Douglas makes his round to chat with all the bugs in the forest. He wants to find out more about their winter plans: who will hibernate, who won’t? Will the little litterbugs Muck and Grime really visit a bathhouse with their aunt? And who is now the every-changing object of Lovejoy’s affection?

Winter In Bug Forest is an independent sequel to Tales from Bug Forest, including a warm and descriptive mix of poetry and prose, accompanied by gentle, unforgettable illustrations that bring the characters to life. The book includes 8 tales and 4 poems about the everyday life in Bug Forest.

Wheezy Donkey and Wonky Monkey

A tale of friendship celebrating all the things that make us different.

Two lonely creatures – a donkey with weak lungs and a clumsy monkey – are both mocked and shunned by other animals because of their respective oddities. But what happens when the donkey and the monkey meet and decide that being wheezy or wonky are, in fact, qualities to proudly sing about?

Rights sold: Estonian 


Tales from Bug Forest

Hytönen peers into the secret world of insects in this delightful mix of poetry and prose. Bug Forest’s array of creatures ranges from angst-filled to well-meaning but stinky, and the mood alternates between rambunctious and lyrical. His warm and descriptive prose charms both kids and grown-ups, and Virpi Penna’s gentle, unforgettable illustrations bring the characters to life.

Rights sold: Estonian