The Manticore

A graphic novel and supernatural thriller that turns a young girl’s emotions into a magic-realistic fantasy adventure – can her new stepmother be trusted or is she a dangerous ancient monster?

The Manticore is a middle-grade graphic novel. This supernatural thriller is told from the perspective of an unnamed protagonist who starts suspecting that her stepmother is in fact a Manticore, an ancient monster intending on devouring the protagonist and her baby brother. She realizes that no one can help her because no one would believe her. So as the Manticore starts fattening up the children, the protagonist hunts for a way to defeat her. She soon realizes that the only way to kill a Manticore is with a mythical object: the horn of a unicorn. But where can she possibly find one?

Maria Turtschaninoff is a multiple award-winning fantasy author, published in 30 countries, and Peter Bergting is the author and/or illustrator of over 50 books of fantasy, sci-fi and horror.

Peter Bergting

Peter Bergting’s career began in the late ’80s, providing art for games such as Mutant Chronicles, Dungeons & Dragons, Vampire, and Shadowrun. In 2006 he released his first comic book for Image Comics, followed by a run on Strange Girl with Rick Remender. After several graphic novels for IDW, working with Richard Morgan, Alex Irvine, and Joe R. Lansdale, Peter landed his first job for Dark Horse Comics, providing artwork for the Hellboy Roleplaying Game.

Since 2013, Peter has been working with Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden on various titles in the Mignolaverse, such as Baltimore, Joe Golem: Occult Detective, and Frankenstein – to date, more than 44 comic books and eight graphic novels. Peter is the author and/or artist of more than 50 books, including 20 graphic novels. In addition, Peter has provided hundreds of comics, children’s, and fantasy books with covers and interior artwork for authors such as Clive Barker, Philip Pullman, J. R. R. Tolkien, Michelle Paver, and Frank Frazetta. For Swedish publisher Semic, Peter has written and illustrated a total of eleven fantasy novels and artbooks.

Peter has been nominated for the August award twice, for “Kråkorna”, and “Vi kommer snart hem igen”. In addition, he has won the Adamson statuette. He is a member of The Swedish Academy for Children’s Books.