Marika Riikonen

Marika Riikonen is an author and journalist from Tampere – and also a perennial horse girl and humble servant to a cat. Riikonen has a Master’s Degree from the University of Tampere and she has studied Finnish literature, theater and drama, and communication studies. Her passions are reading – always and everywhere – , talking about books and the phenomena of life, and Roman pizza con patate.

Her literary career started in the early 2000s with speculative fiction short stories and progressed to editing anthologies and writing novels and non-fiction books. Her works include Ravilikat (Karisto 2020), a YA novel about harness racing; Hevostytöt (Art House 2020), a non-fiction title about horse girls; and Lasinen merenneito (Karisto 2021), an adventure novel set in Venice and the borders of reality. Riikonen has also written plays and appeared on stage.

As an editor and critic, Riikonen has oriented towards culture, especially children’s and YA literature. She is particularly proud of Finland’s only regularly published children’s and YA literature column, Sieppari, that has appeared in Hämeen Sanomat newspaper since 2006.

Alone – Yes, Please!

Let the nation of notorious introverts help you to reclaim being alone!

  • An entertaining examination of the stigma of loneliness
  • A good life lived alone is a phenomenon that is taboo – and yet perfectly ordinary

A hermit, a lonely one, a spinster. Living alone, or even a short period of longing for some alone time seems to be an issue necessary for an immediate fix: the society punishes, relatives jab, politicians admonish, those in a happy relationship push their horrifying friends onto you, and the media just strengthens the stereotypes. What if someone wants to be alone, enjoys their own company?

The need for being alone – for “me-time” – is very common. Still, literature on it is scarce – even if being alone is connected to all aspects of life, the big and the small.

Alone – Yes, Please! examines this taboo-like phenomena thoroughly. It combines sharp societal discussions and humoristic observances by delving into existing literature and hearing from people that feel the need for solitude.

Based on the author’s own experiences, Alone – Yes, Please! shakes our strongly rooted idea that life revolving around family or a relationship, never mind the constant need for company, is the only right option.

Marika Riikonen is an author and journalist from Tampere. She lives with a cat, but enjoys the company of humans as well – as long as she’s had her morning coffee alone first.