We Are Powerful!

In We Are Powerful! Lotta and Kasper delve into how people use power.

  • Newest title by the Tieto-Lauri awarded duo Laura Ertimo and Mari Ahokoivu, tackling the question of power into something easily understandable by children!

Best friends Laura and Kasper start junior high in a new school. In addition to the question of whether their friendship will survive in a new group, the two also start to wonder about power, as the nearby forest is under a threat.

How is power used? Does everyone have power? Who gets to decide what happens to the forest? Biodiversity loss and the climate crisis are real and a massive challenge – but how come it feels like not enough is being done? Who is responsible?

The book also peeks into our brain and ponders how humans are peculiar animals that are able to tell stories. Stories that we have the power to change. Could our connection to nature be the biggest story of them all?