Lili Flame Investigates: The Mystery of the Circus Woman

Unlikely investigator Lili Flame who’s charmed readers faces a new tricky puzzle!

In early 1947, Helsinki gets to see something exciting when an unusual troupe of female wrestlers from America performs in the city.

Lili and Riku Loimola, together with their friends, enjoy the performance, but, after the show, chaos erupts in the area. One of the star performers has been shot – and struck with a knife. Why two methods of killing? Could there be two murderers, too?

The Helsinki police are not particularly interested in investigating the foreign woman’s murder, but Lili and Riku won’t give up – the victim deserves justice. A terrific journey begins into the colorful and circus-filled past of Joy Johnson!

Lili Flame Investigates: Murder at the Mansion

The beginning of this feel-good crime series is filled with the glory of old-time detective novels and charms with its wit!

Post-war Helsinki is full of people looking to build a new life, and Lili Flame, who spent the war years in the US as a housemaid, is among them. However, the housekeeping gets swept aside when Lili breaks away from the traditional womanly roles of her time and begins a career as a private eye solving crimes which are too sensitive for the police. Lili gets help from her husband, a gay man who’s becoming a companion like no other – even if the true nature of their marriage has to be kept a secret. The first case leads her to the party of a rich corporate family. The glamor and glitz of this segment of society is blinding, until the investigation takes a tragic turn and Lili realizes she has a much bigger mystery on her hands than she thought.

Inspired by Agatha Christie and the screwball comedies of the 30s, Lili and her curiosity will delight anyone looking for a good mystery, humor, and a little escapism!

Laura Andersson

Laura Andersson has been working in the publishing industry for 15 years. During her career she’s been involved in launching a YA book festival in Finland and creating an award-winning publishing program for the Finnish gaming mega-brand Angry Birds. Andersson is a long-time fan of both Agatha Christie and the screwball comedies of the 1930s and 1940s, both of which have inspired Lili Flame. She also found inspiration in the life story of Finland’s first female president, Tarja Halonen. The stylishly old-fashioned name of Ms. Halonen’s mother, Lyyli Loimola, made her first think of the character of Lili and about the possibility of creating a cool, historical crime series. Prior to writing Lili Flame, Andersson had been teaching Finnish parents and their babies good sleep habits, and her autobiographical non-fiction book The Baby Sleep Project, has become required reading among Finnish families. Andersson was born, and continues to live, in Helsinki, Finland. She loves her city deeply, and its historical layers keep feeding her imagination. She’s most curious about those aspects of the city’s past that are not part of the official historical narrative. In her free time, Andersson is passionate about books, horses, wine, and the circus.