Tomppa and Kerttu the Bookworm

Tommy, dad, and Kerttu go to visit the new library! It is an exciting day: Tommy gets his very own library card – and ice cream at the café.

Tomppa and the Baby

Tommy feels big and brave when he and his grandmother visit his mother in the hospital. But when Tommy sees his wrinkly baby sister for the first time, he suddenly wants to be mommy’s little boy again.

Tomppa and Dr. Ear

Tommy’s ear hurts and it makes him cry. But the nice doctor gives him medicine, and then Doctor Tommy is ready to examine all of his toys!

The Tomppa Series

The series of beautiful Tommy books created by the award-winning illustrator and author Kristiina Louhi. The adorable little boy Tommy and his development – from early baby days into toddlerhood and beyond – is followed with vivid images. Tommy was first introduced to the public in the book Our Tommy in 1993, and the books have since gained a classic status amongst children’s books.

BOOK XV: Tommy’s Story Book

Original title: Tompan juhlakirja | Published: 2013 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 144

The first Tommy book was published twenty years ago. To celebrate this, a new storybook is being published this year, which includes: Our Tommy; Tommy’s Night at Granny’s; Tommy and Apricot’s milk – and the brand-new story Tommy and Doctor Ear.

BOOK XIV: Tommy’s New House

Original title: Tompan uusi koti | Published: 2012 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

Tommy lives in a perfectly nice house with Dad, Mom, William the Worm, Mousedog, and Kitty the cat. But suddenly everything gets turned upside down at home. Mom is emptying the closets and cupboards and packing things into boxes. The bookshelf turns into a pile of boards, and pretty soon Tommy’s bed has been taken apart, too. Tommy begins to grow anxious. ”Don’t worry. We’re moving to a new house, the whole family. You’ll get your very own room,” Mom says cheerfully, but Tommy isn’t reassured. 

BOOK XIII: Tommy and Apricot’s Milk 

Original title: Tomppa ja Taatelin maito | Published: 2010 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

When Tommy wakes up in the morning, he knows right away he’s in an unfamiliar place. He can hear strange noises from outside: a baby crying, a cow mooing and a big engine running. Tommy is visiting his cousins Gertie, Artie and Willie the baby.´The world looks very different at his cousins’ place compared to Tommy’s home in the city. You can see fields, cows, woods, a huge blue silo and on top of it all a real tractor chugging in the middle of the yard! The breakfast porridge tastes familiar, but the milk is different. It’s thick, yellow and sweet. “It’s our Apricot’s milk,” explains Gertie, and later Tommy gets to know Apricot the cow, along with her friends Rosemary, Marjoram and Thyme.

BOOK XII: Tommy in Wonderland

Original title: Tomppa ja kummaa | Published: 2009 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK XI: Tommy and the Cat’s Paws

Original title: Tomppa ja Kissantassut | Published: 2003 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK X: Tommy Is A Big Boy 

Original title: Tomppa on iso | Published: 2002 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK IX: Where Is Tommy?

Original title: Missä Tomppa ?| Published: 2000 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK VIII: Tommy’s Christmas 

Original title: Tompan joulu | Published: 1999 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK VII: Full Speed Ahead, Tommy

Original title: Tomppa vauhdissa | Published: 1998 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK VI: Tommy Goes Fishing

Original title: Tomppa kalastaa | Published: 1997 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK V: Tommy’s Better Day

Original title: Tompan parempi päivä | Published: 1996 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK IV: Tommy’s Night At Granny’s

Original title: Tomppa ja mummolan yö | Published: 1995 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK III: What Tommy Wants

Original title: Tomppa tahtoo | Published: 1994 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK II: Hello Tommy!

Original title: Terve Tomppa! | Published: 1994 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK I: Our Tommy

Original title: Meidän Tomppa | Published: 1993 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

The Annie Series

The much-beloved Annie books by Kristiina Louhi have been translated into nearly 10 languages already. The first Annie book was published in 1984, and now the first generation of Annie fans is reading stories about little Annie’s everyday life to their children. The beautiful illustrations are fancied both by parents and their children.

Rights sold: Chinese (simplified), English (UK), German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Faroese

BOOK X: Annie Travels

Original title: Aino matkustaa | Published: 2004 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK IX: Annie, Mum’s Little Helper

Original title: Aino, äidin apulainen | Published: 1996 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK VIII: Annie and Tiger

Original title: Aino ja tiikeri | Published: 1992 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK VII: Annie’s Room – No Entry

Original title: Ainon huone pääsy kielletty | Published: 1990 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 28

BOOK VI: Annie Wants to Come Along

Original title: Aino tahtoo mukaan | Published: 1988 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 30

BOOK V: Annie’s Naughty Skates

Original title: Aino ja tuhmat luistimet | Published: 1987 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK IV: Annie’s Mum Is Angry

Original title: Ainon äiti on vihainen | Published: 1986 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK III: Annie Is Nearly Three

Original title: Aino pikkuinen tyttö | Published: 1985 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK II: Annie and the New Baby

Original title: Aino ja pakkasen poika | Published: 1985 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK I: Annie’s Year

Original title: Ainon vuosi | Published: 1984 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32