✓ Kaisu Tuokko’s debut novel REVENGE has sold more than 12,000 copies in Finland!

✓ REVENGE was nominated for the BookBeat Newcomer of the Year award of 2023 and is nominated for the Storytel Award of 2023!

The praised and bestselling crime series continues!

An elderly woman is found dead in Kristinestad, malnourished, dirty, and abused. She’s wearing the socks of the local nursing home, but the people there don’t recognise her. No one knows who she is.

Mats, the local police officer, starts investigating the case with his team, but establishing the identity of the murder victim proves tricky. Mats also has issues in his personal life, and same goes for the journalist Eevi, who struggles to get pregnant. While Eevi uncovers harsh truths about the treatment of the elderly in Kristinestad, Mats and his team find another body – and it seems Mats’ brother is also involved in the crime.

The Kristinestad Murders is a new, atmospheric crime series set in a coastal town in Finland, with intriguing main characters and interpersonal relationships. The author Kaisu Tuokko combines the thrilling crime plots with societal issues, and the result hooks the reader. The first installment in the series, REVENGE, sold over 12,000 copies within the first months, and the series is planned to have six installments.