Dad Man and the Doppelgänger Disaster

The quirkiest cop in town! The Dad Man Series offers fast-paced adventures and humour for all ages – especially lower middle grade.

✓ Over 140,000 copies sold in Finland!

✓  Perfect for reluctant readers and for fans of David Walliams and Captain Underpants

✓  Books in the series have been nominated for the Storytel awards 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 (Best children’s audiobook), Best Newcomer of the Year 2020, and the Runeberg Prize 2023!

✓  Bold and fresh 4-colour comic-book style artwork that add visual jokes to the narration

✓   Work as standalones and can be read in any order!

Dad Man is a dad, and a policeman – but he also has a superpower! Too bad his superpower is one shared by almost all dads – an unwavering belief in himself and his own abilities. Dad Man truly believes he knows everything and can do anything, but as it goes with most dads, the reality is quite different. And it follows that Dad Man’s nine-year-old daughter Oona needs to solve all of the issues herself.

Book #5:

What’s worse than one Dad Man? Multiple Dad Men!

When Oona’s clumsy police dad gets his hand on the inventor Cherry’s newest machine, the results are catastrophic – suddenly the whole town is filled with Dad Man lookalikes!. And to make matters worse, the real Dad Man is lost among the copies. Oona and her friends need to find Dad Man before anything worse happens. That proves to be hard, for the group of Dad Men comes up with one stupid idea after another and the whole town is threatened with chaos. And a mysterious saboteur is tailing Oona and friends. Is someone trying to stop the world from becoming normal?