Benjamin Bateman and The Curse of the Mind-popping Pranks

The super embarrassed superhero-in-training Benjamin Bateman is back for another hilarious adventure!

How is the awkward superhero Benjamin Bateman managing when his archenemies are circling everywhere? The second book in the super funny middle-grade series!

Some weirdo succeeds in messing up Benjamin’s life with their little tricks: there’s salt in his hot chocolate and toothpaste all over the toilet.

Who on earth would do that? And the scary Mortem has not stopped chasing Benjamin. In order to take control of the situation, Benjamin has to learn to harness his powers – a vivid imagination and a good heart.

Itty Bitty Princess and the Amazing Amusement Park

Get ready for a sleepover adventure like no other with Itty Bitty Princess!

Itty Bitty Princess has a sleepover at her friend’s place. How exciting! What should she pack? And what should the princesses play? The sleepover itself feels exciting, but it gets even more fun when imagination takes flight and they end up visiting an amusement park at nighttime! Are there ghosts lurking about? And if there are, could they be kind?

Itty Bitty Princess’s Teeny Bit Terrific Fairy Tales

The hero of all mischief-makers, Itty Bitty Princess, tells us seven familiar stories from the perspective of the teeny bit naughty!

✓  Itty Bitty Princess is the loveliest, naughtiest, and kindest girl in the world!

✓ Two films in development!

Have you ever thought of how a witch feels when her magnificent gingerbread house is eaten? Or the fairy who doesn’t get invited to a birthday party? Indeed, probably not so good.

Itty Bitty Princess has noticed that the ones who are already kind are the ones who always win the battles. Like her little brother. That’s why she has decided to tell a few stories from the side of the scoundrels, like the dragon that gets constantly poked by swords. After all, Itty Bitty Princess knows what it’s like to be kind and naughty at the same time.

Itty Bitty Princess and the Truth About Babies

Why on earth would parents want a baby that poops a lot and wakes them up in the middle of the night?

✓  Itty Bitty Princess, the loveliest, naughtiest, and kindest girl in the world, now starring in a picture book!

✓  Rights sold to 6 territories, 2 films in development and several theater productions

✓  The bestselling and award-winning Itty Bitty Princess series has been nominated e.g. for Runeberg Prize and has won Kaarina Helakisa prize.

Where do annoying little siblings come from? Itty Bitty Princess figures out the truth about babies in her own bold manner.

Of course, Itty Bitty Princess knows that babies grow in mothers’ tummies. But how did they end up there? And how do they get out? And most importantly: why on earth would parents want a baby that poops a lot and wakes them up in the middle of the night?

This charming picture book by Hannele Lampela, illustrated by Ninka Reittu, provides answers to children’s puzzling questions about babies, but also touches on the emotions that big sisters and brothers go through when they hear a baby is on the way.

Tales of Wintertide: The Snow Queen’s Spell

Imagine if all the bedtime stories were true! The Snow Queen’s Spell begins an enchantingly funny and fantastical series for middle-grade readers. Nominated for Arvid Lydecken Prize 2020.

Greta’s little brother Kai has gone missing, but her parents act like he has never even existed. So, she embarks on a mission to find and save him, and ends up in the fairytale-like land of Wintertide, where she becomes a member of the Storytellers Guild. Before Greta can save Kai, she needs to learn to tell her own story.

But just what is her story? Is it a fairy tale about the Snow Queen? At least it seems as if it is;  Greta must now become a member of the Guild to break the enchanted spell cast by the Queen of Coldness. It’s clear that the Queen is definitely not going to let Kai go without a fight.

Tales of Wintertide 2: The Rose and the Dragon

  • The second title of the Arvid Lydecken Prize-nominated series!

Part Two of the Tales of Wintertide series deals with growing up as a young woman through a reimagining of the Sleeping Beauty fairytale.

To become a member of the Storytellers Guild, Are must cope with a horrible task. A huge dragon holds over the city of Roses, and only Are can destroy the bloodthirsty beast.

But how do you tell apart a monster and who the real enemy of roses is?

Benjamin Bateman – Super Embarrassed Superhero

What if your superhero costume looked like a butterfly and your only superpowers would be having a good heart and great imagination? Welcome to the embarrassing life of Benjamin Bateman!

  • First joint 3-book series for award-winning and bestselling writer-illustrator super team Hannele Lampela and Pasi Pitkänen!
  • Film in development!
  • Nominee for the Arvid Lydecken Award 2023
  • Rights sold to Denmark!
  • The second book will be published in Finland in May 2023!

The wholly hilarious and thrilling adventures of a super embarrassing superhero for middle-graders!

Benjamin Bateman is stunned when he finds out that he is part of a family of superheroes. Who would’ve believed that about poor Benjamin?

Benjamin’s superhero costume is quite embarrassing though – a butterfly. And his superpower is even more mortifying – having a good heart and great imagination! But when Benjamin must battle the terrifying Mortem, his imagination will come in handy.

The story is enriched by the colorful illustrations of Pasi Pitkänen.