Benjamin Bateman and the Worst Day of School

What if your superhero costume looked like a butterfly and your only superpowers would be having a good heart and a lively imagination? Welcome to the embarrassing life of Benjamin Bateman!

✓  First joint series for award-winning and bestselling writer-illustrator super team Hannele Lampela and Pasi Pitkänen!

✓  Film in development!

✓  Book #1 was nominated for the Arvid Lydecken Award 2023

How will the super embarrassed superhero fare when the school turns into a rampage scene for his arch-nemesis? Paavali thinks that the math lessons are boring, and the exercises that teacher Sausola hangs on the board don’t make any sense to him. And it’s super embarrassing that he gets the feisty and attention-drawing Supermuija as his tutor. Could it be because of something other than Paavali’s terrible math skills? And why is the math problem 2+2+2 written on the school wall? What on earth is really going on?