Stop Chasing Happiness: Counterintuitive Life Advice From the World’s Happiest Country

A guide to finding happiness by Finland’s leading happiness expert

  • Frank Martela, PhD, is Finland’s #1 internationally bestselling non-fiction author – his previous title, A WONDERFUL LIFE, has been sold to 30 countries!
  • Finland has been voted the happiest country 6 times in a row and philosopher and researcher of psychology Frank Martela is the leading expert in questions concerning  meaning in life and happiness.
  • Unique blend of personal stories and quirky anecdotes from Finland combined with deep understanding of the latest psychological research on well-being

Want to be happier? Stop searching for happiness. Obsessing about happiness is, paradoxically, one of the key obstacles for a happier life. For six years in a row, Finland has been the world’s happiest country and the wisdom emerging from this land of darkness and heavy metal teaches you to stop caring about happiness, about what others think, and about what happens next. This liberates you to take life as it is.

In this book, Finland’s leading happiness expert offers straight-talking life advice on why finding happiness is not about learning new things – it is more about unlearning patterns of thinking holding you back. Combining ancient wisdom with latest research and mixing it all together with quirky stories and Frank’s encounters with peculiar Finnish characters met in the forest, in rock festivals, and during his hitchhiking and other travels around the country, the book guides you to build a way of living where you are content and serene, yet actively engaged and energized to pursue your self-chosen purposes in life.