Gentle Power: A Revolution in How We Think, Lead and Succeed

It’s not about whether you won. It’s about how you won. Fight fairly by using Finnish Gentle Power to overcome adversities and become more human.

By international keynote speaker, contributor to human rights, and Ironman ultra-runner and world’s first researcher of Finnish Sisu, and leading expert of global phenomenon Sisu.

Gentle Power is based on the pioneering study by Emilia Lahti from Aalto University in Finland on the cultural construct known as sisu that, for centuries, has been the guiding life-philosophy of the Finns.

Have you ever been inspired by graceful yet powerful leadership in moments of extreme pressure?

Gentle Power shows us that the pinnacle of excellence in success is not in winning (and winning at all cost) but in developing a mighty heart and fighting a fair fight. Through the practice of sisu, a centuries old Finnish practice of integrity-fueled fortitude, we can overcome adversities but also pursue excellence in the art that is at the heart of the lived experience—and which the world in its current state is in a dire need of—us being more human and succeeding because we choose this quality first.

Besides denoting a universal phenomenon of hidden energy in the human system, the embodied fortitude of sisu includes an invitation to not “just do it” but to get it done with grace, integrity, and psychological poise.