The Wolf Creek Series, Book IV

Raisa and Mikael are spending their first summer together in Helsinki. Everything feels perfect until Raisa begins to realize what everybody means when they talk about a werewolf needing another werewolf as a partner. Determined not to give up, she joins Mikael and her brother on their mission to help the pack in Wolf Creek where people scared of wolves are stirring trouble. Then Mikael is captured, kicking off a series of events that cause Raisa to discover something shocking about her own identity.


The Wolf Creek Series, Book III

Mikael, the new leader of the pack at Wolf Creek and the love of Raisa’s life, has left, and Raisa gets off to a disastrous start at the Academy of Fine Arts. But when she has to track down her brother Mitja, she is thrown into an adventure on a mystical Greek island involving Daemons, creatures who have the ability to interact with Plato’s “world of ideas.” When Raisa escapes the island with Mitja, she encounters the wolves, and Mikael, once more.



The Wolf Creek Series, Book II

Having returned to Helsinki, Raisa is trying her best to let go of what happened to her in Wolf Creek. But her great love, Mikael, is not easy to forget, the wolves are calling her, and Wolf Creek has not yet revealed all of its secrets. If you can’t trust own feelings – whom can you trust?

Rights sold:
CHINA (simplified Chinese), Modern Press


The Wolf Creek Series, Book I

Set in northern Finland, Untamed is a romance between a girl and a wolf.

Raisa is an ambitious young artist living in downtown Helsinki. When her mother dies in an accident, she has to move to a rural village in the middle of nowhere to live with her uncle. She soon realizes that she is living among werewolves. Gradually, Raisa begins to adjust to life in this strange town, and finds herself drawn to Mikael, the most popular boy in school. He has eyes that change colour; eyes that seem to be following Raisa. But what are Mikael and the other locals hiding? And why was Raisa sent to live here?

Rights sold:
CHINA (simplified Chinese), Modern Press