How to Face Death

✓  Elina Backman is one of Finland’s bestselling fiction authors!

✓  International TV series in development!

✓  Elina Backman’s books have sold over 100,000 copies in Finland!

The lovely summer scenery is twisted by a desire for revenge.

Saana Havas is spending midsummer with her Aunt Inkeri in Kaunissaari, Kotka, renovating her aunt’s friend’s villa and getting to know the mysterious neighborhood. When the midsummer celebrations end fatally, the dark history of the island begins to unravel.

The summer plans of Saana’s boyfriend, police officer Jan Leino, are changed by the murder of a Finnish art collector in Nice. The message left by the murderer puts Jan on his toes. Will there be more victims? And how is everything related to a long-forgotten death?

Elina Backman’s Saana Havas series has charmed readers in Finland and abroad, selling to 17 territories. Her debut, ALL THE KING’S MEN, immediately prompted the press to call her a new star in the crime scene, and the atmospheric and elegant sequels have continued to captivate readers. The previous three books in the series have all been bestsellers.