Kids’ Skills in Action

Kids’ Skills is a revolutionary way of helping children to work through a range of psychological problems. Relying on an abundance of case stories gathered from around the globe, the book explains how the Kids’ Skills method can be applied to solving various problems children face.

The book starts off by presenting the fifteen steps of the Kids’ Skills program and illustrating them with the aid of real-life examples. The reader can begin executing his or her own program with a child based on the guidelines provided in the book.

The book also presents ideas for working with groups of children as well as entire school classes or even an entire school. The results of Kids’ Skills show that when children are approached in a manner emphasizing respect and cooperation, they in turn can demonstrate the desire and capacity to resolve their own problems.

Rights sold: English (Australia), German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Estonian, Russian


Enjoy Your Life Again

Solution-focused self-help for recovering from depression, burnout and adversity.

Recent scientific study has shown that psychotherapy is equally good or better at treating depression than medication. There are many clinically proven and effective methods of psychotherapy. One of them is solution focused therapy.

In this book internationally renowned expert of solution-focused psychotherapy, psychiatrist Ben Furman makes the methods of solution-focused therapy accessible to a wider public.

The self-help assignments of the book will help you, whatever the cause of your depression or sadness may be, to recover and to regain your ability to enjoy your life again. The assignments are however not only useful for those who are unhappy but everyone interested in improving the quality of their life.

I am Proud of You!

In this book the renowned expert of solution-focused psychotherapy, developer of Kids’ Skills method, psychiatrist Ben Furman makes the method accessible to a wider public.

Parents, grandparents, caretakers and teachers will all benefit from Dr Furman’s unique problem-solving method for children. Kids’ Skills has achieved great popularity around the globe, its positivity winning over adults and children alike.

Rights sold: Arabic, Danish, Dutch, Japanese, Norwegian