Goblins — Journey into the Darkness

The world’s first goblin thriller!

When author Antti Leikas suddenly receives several generous research grants for as weird a project as goblin studies, alarms should go off. When he sits in dusty libraries around Europe and feels under surveillance, alarms should go off. And when a pretty representative from the Finnish Cultural Foundation appears at his door asking about goblins, alarms should be ringing all out.

But Leikas is a man with no fear, and so he finds himself amid events that threaten the existence of the whole universe. In the heat of crashing airplanes, threatening commando troops, and suspicious book publishers, Leikas finds out about the real powers linked to the goblins’ existence. He will have to face the forces unleashed by his exploration.

Goblins takes the reader on the verge of ultimate questions—and plunges into the depths of an assuredly unprecedented thriller. What are souls? What is our universe built of? How efficiently does goblin Koponen’s liver burn alcohol? Jump in, and you will know. This is a journey into the darkness.

Rights sold (Goblins):
FINLAND, Siltala