Back to Nature Finland: Explore Nature, Myths, and Ancient Wisdom

Back to Nature Finland is a calming, relaxing experience that takes you on a journey throughout Finnish nature, with a touch of ancient wisdom, mythology and local history. Based on the internationally acclaimed TV show!

The book presents 24 beautiful travel locations in Finnish nature. It reveals stories about Finnish mythology related to those locations, and provides delicious local food tips to enjoy when visiting. Learn the secrets of the Archipelago Sea, discover Lohja’s groves and caves, and meet the most beautiful tree in Finland. Travel with us from the Åland Islands, across the Nordic archipelago’s seashores and dunes, to the mysteries of lake Saimaa. Join us as we follow the origins of the Finnish national epic, Kalevala; climb to the top of Pyhä-Nattanen, the Mountain of the Gods; and explore some of the many sacred sites of Finnish Lapland.

The original Finnish book titled Metsien kätkemä (‘Hidden in the Forests’) was based on the TV series by the same name. The series first format localization, Back to Nature Australia Season 1 (8 x 30-mins) is live now in ABC TV and has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the Australian viewers. The format has also been optioned by producers in New Zealand, UK and South Africa. The completed series (Finnish or Australian versions) have been sold to or broadcasted in Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, China, Japan, Thailand, India, and Finnair in-flight entertainment. Negotiations are ongoing with several other territories.

Antti Huttunen

Antti Huttunen is a TV producer, non-fiction writer and media entrepreneur. Huttunen is the founder of the Finnish travel website Retkipaikka and has published a number of books tied to the website. He is also the executive producer of Finland, Naturally website. Huttunen has scripted and produced two seasons of Metsien kätkemä (‘Hidden by the Forests’), a TV series about nature tourism in Finland.

Huttunen has previously worked in managing the digital marketing of Finnish Broadcasting Company and was one of the founders of Inferno Magazine music magazine in 2001. He has also scripted and produced known several award-winning advertisements.