HILJA-series sold to RUSSIA!

We have very exciting news today! Russian rights for all 5 titles of Hilja-series have now been sold to Russian publisher Strecoza!

This wonderful series written by Heidi Viherjuuri and illustrated by Nadja Sarell has previously been sold to Estonia and Germany.

Strecoza were really happy to introduce this new character to Russian children:

It is always so curious and fun to get a look at the big families somewhere in other countries! Do they have the same problems and how do they act in different everyday situations? Wonderfully funny and cozy stories about the most stubborn little girl who does not like boredom! A splendid mix of full-page illustrations and small-format pictures! You won’t be bored, for sure!
– Larisa Mavrina, chief editor of Strecoza publishing house, Russia

Download the English materials for the Hilja-series here.

Read more about the titles, author and illustrator below!


by Heidi Viherjuuri, illustrated by Nadja Sarell

Meet Hilja, an energetic and curious little girl, and her three granny friends! For the fans of Astrid Lindgren!

1st book, Hilja’s Summer in The Green House: Hilja is 7 years old, and she loves the summer! There’s nothing better than the freedom to climb trees, run around, go fishing and make new friends. Prone to adventures, she also gets a chance to catch a thief!

2nd book, Hello, Hilja here: Hilja is starting the first grade. Things are going well: she has practiced reading with the cows at the farm, and new friends are nice. But Hilja’s big mouth gets her into troubles every now and then.

3rd book, Adventure calls, Hilja: The long-awaited fall break is here. Hilja and the neighborhood grannies all squeeze into a tiny car and take a trip to the big city. The city is full of things to do, but are the grannies taking care of Hilja – or the other way around?

4th book, Hilja and the operation Christmas magic Hilja’s sister Veini claims that Christmas is just a publicity trick, but Hilja decides to prove that Christmas is real and magical. A secret operation begins

5th book, Hilja and the Perfect Winter Day Snowball fights, skiing trips, ice-fishing competition and other winter adventures become so wild that Mom needs to put an end to it. But Hilja knows how to make even the most boring day fun!


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FINLAND: Mäkelä (orig.)

ESTONIA: Eesti Raamat
RUSSIA: Strecoza

About author

Heidi Viherjuuri

Heidi Viherjuuri lives in Cologne, Germany, where she writes about things big and small and also everyday life situations. She loves green tea, weekdays, history, traveling by train and having silly laughs with her son. Heidi´s works have rich language and are straight-to-the-point at the same time and one of her favorite books is the Finnish thesaurus.

About author

Nadja Sarell

Nadja Sarell is an illustrator living in Helsinki, Finland. She graduated with MA in Dance from Theatre Academy Helsinki. Soon after that she moved to a small town in North Wales to study children’s book illustration. She graduated from North Wales School of Art and Design with BA in Illustration for Children’s Publishing in 2004.

Since then she has worked as a freelance illustrator for children’s publishing in Finland and abroad. She loves to teach art, illustration and dance for both children and adults. She is also passionate about surface pattern design and enjoys creating charismatic, expressive book characters.
If Nadja was an animal, she would be a cat living in an old mansion with a large fireplace and a comfy sofa. Her favourite things are her family, music, dancing, black coffee and chocolate.