Book fair week pre-empts for Nordic Kiss: the sisu book

Sisu, a unique type of resilience or perseverance in the face of adversity. Sisu is a special courage, grit and determination – not just in the short term – it’s about being functional in the long run, too.”  Katja Pantzar

Following a very successful week at London Book Fair, we are very excited to announce five wonderful deals for Katja Pantzar’s upcoming Nordic Kiss wellbeing book. The non-fiction title, which is currently being written in English, introduces the Nordic lifestyle and the uniquely Finnish concept of sisu.We wrapped up the fair week with a nice World English preempt by Hodder UK, German rights to Bastei Lübbe, World Spanish to Roca, Italian to Marsilio/Sonzogno, in addition to a Polish deal with WUJ, who have been championing the top Scandinavian titles in their market.

Publishers were excited to secure the new lifestyle title for their respective lists:

“For us, Nordic Kiss is a prime example of the popular Scandinavian lifestyle, which Katja Pantzar introduces to us in a wonderfully charming way!” – Sabine Niemeier, Bastei Lübbe, Germany

Nordic Kiss is the passport that allows you to jump in the deep end of yourself, finding a new wave – cold and cool – for your physical and emotional comfort. The book with which the Spanish readers will discover and embrace the power of SISU.” – Carol Paris, Roca Editorial de Libros, Spain

“With its beautiful sound, sisu is a magical word that will have tangible effects in your life, showing you the best way to deal with life’s hurdles and challenges. Energizing, honest, and ultimately inspiring, this original narrative from one of the happiest countries in the world will disclose to you the secret power of this untranslatable word. Forever grateful to Katja Pantzar for revealing us this inner need we’ll never want to do without.” – Patricia Chendi & Francesca Varotto, Sonzogno di Marsilio Editori, Italy

A proposal in English is available: click here to request reading materials!

GERMANY, Bastei Lübbe
ITALY, Marsilio/Sonzogno
SPAIN, Roca Editorial (WS)
UK, Hodder (WE)

English proposal
English sample chapters

Katja Pantzar

Helsinki-based writer, editor and broadcast journalist Katja Pantzar was born in Finland and raised and educated in Canada. A freelance member of the Finnish public broadcasting company Yle’s news team, Pantzar is a regular contributor to Blue Wings, the in-flight magazine of Finnair and Helsinki correspondent for Monocle 24. She is the author of three guides to Helsinki: The Hip Guide to Helsinki, Helsinki by Light and 100 Things to Do in Helsinki. Finding Sisu is the first book Pantzar has written that will be published outside of Finland.