Angry Birds Stella launches!


It’s a wonderful day for Angry Birds Stella: the first game has hit app stores today, September 4th. A delightful line of Angry Birds Stella books is now available, with more to come in the soon-to-be-published Fall 2014 catalog! Stay tuned for more information.

Angry Birds Stella introduces a new flock of spirited characters including Poppy, Willow, Dahlia and Luca, who are best friends (most of the time) and share a passion for adventure.

“As a brand Angry Birds Stella features daring characters, a playful and offbeat attitude, and a great sense of humor – all while dealing with real-life issues like friendship, including the occasional fall outs,” says Blanca Juti, the CMO of Rovio Entertainment. Beyond the books and game, an animated Stella series will premiere in November, and Hasbro has also launched a line of Stella-themed Telepod figurines.

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StellaJul72014booksNEW ANGRY BIRDS STELLA BOOK TITLES (Spring List 2014):

THE ANGRY BIRDS STELLA DIARIES: These funny, heartwarming diaries give readers a real insight into the colorful personalities of each bird and what makes them Best Friends Forever… most of the time! The daily adventures of Stella and her friends make perfect reading for girls aged 8 to 12. Each diary has around a 100 pages, b/w and 4-color illustrations throughout.

* Angry Birds Stella Diaries: Stella Has Enough!

Spirits are high as Stella enjoys a great gig with her band! But on the following day, Stella notices that the other birds are behaving strangely. It’s almost as if they were doing something behind her back… Stella won’t put up with that, so she packs her bag and leaves. However, she soon finds herself in big trouble, and needs her friends more than ever.

* Angry Birds Stella Diaries: Poppy and the Prank Too Far

Stella and Dahlia are getting tired of the chaos being caused by Poppy’s mischief, and order her to quit pranking for almost a whole week. Poppy’s problems don’t stop there – Poppy then ‘accidentally misplaces’ Luca while birdsitting him. To save Luca, Poppy will have to pull the best prank ever known to birdkind!

* Angry Birds Stella Diaries: Willow Takes the Stage

As the beaches of Golden Island become covered in trash, the nature-loving Willow decides to take action. Her artistic side blossoms as she reuses the trash to make great props and costumes for her new play! She hadn’t reckoned on having to deal with the prima donna antics of her friends though… Can the birds work together, or will arguments ruin everything?


* Angry Birds Stella: My Book of Lists: Express yourself and create lists about your life in this book that’s designed to be personalized. The lists, which are illustrated with quirky drawings of Stella and her friends, include titles such as: Stuff my parents would google, Ideal things in a soul mate, Things I’m currently rebelling against.

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