Meaning of Life Explained sold to Rahva Raamat in Estonia

Following our World English deal with Harper Collins and Dutch deal with Ambo Anthos, Rahva Raamat in Estonia has bought rights to Frank Martela’s important non-fiction book The Meaning of Your Life Explained.

Rahva Raamat is the largest bookseller in Estonia that also publishes and has an impressive list of fiction and non-fiction. They are happy to add Frank Martela to their list of great non-fiction authors that include Neil deGrasse Tyson, Jay Ingram, Jen Sincero and M. Amos Clifford.

”Read this book. Slowly. Take your time. Let it unwind and resonate within you. That’s how the meaning of your life will show itself to you. It’s a really well-written read.”
– Dea Oidekivi, Publisher, Rahva Raamat AS, Estonia

”What is the meaning of life? Of course, it is audacious for a young philosopher to shed light on such a big and complicated philosophical question. But Frank Martela is brave enough to do just that in his new book. I’m proud to be his Dutch publisher.”
– Laurens Ubbink, Publisher non-fiction, Ambo Anthos

Would you like to know what the meaning of your life is? In this secular era when old truths have lost their grip, more and more of us are yearning to know how our brief lives on earth could be made truly worth living. Yet a satisfactory answer has been hidden in philosophical papers and scattered psychological research. Frank Martela, a researcher from the happiest country in the world Finland offers an answer.

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In case you want to get to have a closer look at Frank’s work, do check out his TedX Talk, or read his articles in Scientific American MindSalon, or Scientific American Observations. He has also been featured on Psychology TodayBBC or Quartz

Rights sold: 
FINLAND: Gummerus
ESTONIA: Rahva Raamat
KOREA: Across Publishing
RUSSIA: Eksmo/Bombora
UNITED STATES (WE): HarperCollins

Frank Martela

Frank Martela, PhD., is essentially the only contemporary academic researcher who has published several articles on the topic of the meaning of life with a unique perspective on the science of happiness. He has collaborated with key experts of the topic and presented his research in numerous academic conferences as well as invited lectures at universities such as Stanford University, University of Edinburgh, and Simon Fraser University. He is a popular lecturer and author of three well-received and bestselling non-fiction books. Currently a post-doctoral researcher at Aalto University, Finland, he has been a visiting scholar at University of Rochester, NY. and Australian Catholic University.


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