The Guardian Angel sells to Grupo Planeta in Portugal

The Guardian Angel, Einar Hansen’s psychological thriller set in 1950s Copenhagen, has been sold to Grupo Planeta in Portugal. This marks the fifth language for the book that has Finnish, Danish, Italian and Serbian deals already under its belt.

“An amazing book. Impossible to put down. Very well written and with very good research. The suspense is intense! A book that makes us reflect how we can easily be manipulated,” editor Paula Nascimento from Editora Grupo Planeta in Portugal said about The Guardian Angel.

The Guardian Angel film, directed by Arto Halonen and starring Pilou Asbaek, Josh Lucas and Rade Serbedzija, will be released internationally in 2018, with nationwide distribution deals closed in Denmark, Finland, Croatia, Poland, India, China, and the Middle East, with further distribution deals to be announced soon.

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Rights sold:
DENMARK, Hr. Ferdinand
ITALY, Piemme
PORTUGAL, Grupo Planeta
SERBIA, Vulkan