Nordic Horror Series: Book 2: The Clockwork Whisperer

Rights sold:

WORLD ENGLISH: HarperCollins

CROATIA: Planetopia
ESTONIA: Rahva Raamat
FINLAND: Gummerus
FRANCE: Editions Leduc.s

Original title: Kellopelikuiskaaja


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Second title of the new Nordic Horror series!

When the days are short, the nightmares are long. And your fears take a monstrous shape.

Consider the long, dark winters of the Nordics and the mythologies they breed. Add a dash of mystery, a touch of the supernatural, and a drop of murder. As a finishing touch, layer on frigid mists and a pervasive, creeping eeriness, and you end up with the perfect Nordic Horror series.  But if you look more closely, there is also kindness, friendship and romance in the mix!

Nordic Horror is an anthology series. Each novel introduces a new main character with a fast-paced, original, and fun-to-read plot from a different horror subgenre with a Nordic twist. Above all, each story is an honest and emotional study of its protagonists – of the fears that have made them who they are and how they still have to face their biggest fear of all, no matter what monstrous shape it takes.


Do clockwork zombies dream of steam sheep?

Two fifteen-year-old steam engineering cadets, Orca and Vapor, each make a death-defying trip to Helsinki, the Lead City, which is teeming with clockwork zombies and enemy soldiers, to retrieve their beloved mentor, Professor Aeris, the Imperial Clockwork Whisperer, and the Fire Stone, a magical object with the ability to heal the plague raging in the empire and end the war with the Blood Army.


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