Little Mouse’s Summer

Book 6: Little Mouse’s Summer – coming in March 2020

Summer holiday is full of fun: going to the amusement park, playing by the beach and visiting the art museum. Buying strawberries and ice cream, and going to the cinema when the weather is too hot. Little Mouse knows that one must enjoy the summer, because it doesn’t last forever.


Rights sold:

FINLAND, Tammi (orig.)
ESTONIA, Rahva Raamat
FRANCE, Carbourakis
RUSSIA: Lenizdat

How to greet an Alien. Five Important Rules.

Sweet and funny picture book that teaches you how to meet Aliens — can be used with humans as well.

#aliens #awkwardness #shyness #fear #overcomingfears #howtotalktopeople #time #friendship

Space is huge and unknown, but perhaps somewhere there are real Aliens. One day they might come to visit the Earth, and there’s a chance that they land in your backyard. In that case it is good to know how to act.

This future classic will gently teach how to meet new people and act in new situations, things which are often difficult for all of us.

Alma’s Monster Party

A wonderful story about fears and conquering them by an award-winning illustrator.

#moving #newhome #ghosts #beingscared #beingbrave #partyplanning #monsters #wherethewildthingsare

Alma’s family has moved to a new house. It is big, and bleak, and far from the neighbors. Alma is certain that they aren’t alone: she sees shadows fleeing in the corners, and hears footsteps of the grokes.

Alma’s mother is a party planner, and that gives her an idea: She will throw a party for all the monsters and ghosts!

Little Mouse’s Winter

Winter is here and Little Mouse enjoys playing outside. But his fun is interrupted by piano lessons. And why do all the other kids have phones and lots of collectable toy figures? Luckily mom has lots of fun activities that will make him happy again.

Rights sold:

FINLAND, Tammi (orig.)
ESTONIA, Rahva Raamat
FRANCE, Carbourakis
RUSSIA: Lenizdat

Princess Rascal and the Potty Words

Princess Rascal is a spirited and resourceful little girl, like the kid sister of Pippi Longstocking.

Princess Rascal starts pre-school. She’s nervous about her new mates and new teacher. Especially nervous she is about going to the toilet. When she uses toilet words in a completely wrong situation, she’s sure that she is the most embarrassing girl in the world. But a solution for the problem can be found in her secret treasure chest.

Rights sold:

FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)
DENMARK: Gads forlag

The Monster Tournament

Where the Wild Things Are meets Ugly Duckling and Pokémon!


Eren has decided to accept princess Rola’s challenge and take part in the Monster Tournament. He finds an egg and hopes that it will hatch into a mighty monster. But when Eren’s monster is finally revealed, it looks more like a baby penguin. Can Eren train it to be his tournament monster, and could it ever beat princess Rola’s Storm Snail? Pasi Pitkänen’s incredible adventure story is brought to life by his vivid illustations. In the spirit of Pokémon and Where the Wild Things Are it is also a story of an ugly duckling and bravery.

Rights sold:

FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)
WORLD ARABIC: Ink Publishing

Tomppa and Kerttu the Bookworm

Tommy, dad, and Kerttu go to visit the new library! It is an exciting day: Tommy gets his very own library card – and ice cream at the café.

Tomppa and the Baby

Tommy feels big and brave when he and his grandmother visit his mother in the hospital. But when Tommy sees his wrinkly baby sister for the first time, he suddenly wants to be mommy’s little boy again.

Tomppa and Dr. Ear

Tommy’s ear hurts and it makes him cry. But the nice doctor gives him medicine, and then Doctor Tommy is ready to examine all of his toys!

Winter in Bug Forest

Winter in Bug Forest is freezing, but sometimes little bugs’ love lets it warm up a bit! After the beautiful summer, Mr. Douglas makes his round to chat with all the bugs in the forest. He wants to find out more about their winter plans: who will hibernate, who won’t? Will the little litterbugs Muck and Grime really visit a bathhouse with their aunt? And who is now the every-changing object of Lovejoy’s affection?

Winter In Bug Forest is an independent sequel to Tales from Bug Forest, including a warm and descriptive mix of poetry and prose, accompanied by gentle, unforgettable illustrations that bring the characters to life. The book includes 8 tales and 4 poems about the everyday life in Bug Forest.

Little Mouse’s Holiday

Little Mouse and Mommy Mouse take the train together to the countryside to stay at their cottage on an island, pick berries, heat the sauna and cook sausages over a campfire under the starry skies. It’s a real treat for a little city mouse!

Rights sold:

FINLAND, Tammi (Original publisher)
AUSTRALIA, Scribble/Scribe
CHINA, Beijing Yuntu Tech
ESTONIA, Rahva Raamat
FRANCE, Carbourakis
NEPAL, Kathalaya
NEW ZEALAND, Scribble/Scribe
RUSSIA: Lenizdat
UK, Scribble/Scribe

Princess Rascal

Princess Rascal is a spirited and resourceful little girl, like the kid sister of Pippi Longstocking!

You would think that Rascal is a just a little girl, but she’s also a princess with many crowns for different purposes: one for Important Thoughts, one for Great Adventures, one for Peaceful Dreams. When Mom gets mad at her, she must find the right crown to calm Mom down.

Princess Rascal is a picture book about a little girl who knows her mind and has a heart of gold, though sometimes it’s difficult to know the right thing to do. The book has been praised for its accurate and hilarious depictions of everyday life in a toddler family: sometimes parents get tired, too.

Rights sold:

FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)
DENMARK: Gads forlag
LITHUANIA: Nieko rimto

The Duskspinner

The Duskspinner is about a tiny creature who weaves darkness. It’s an important job: after twilight falls the nocturnal creatures can start their shifts. But there’s someone who hates the Duskspinner: florist Keikander’s flowers need more light! Keikander decides to break the Duskspinner’s loom, but he doesn’t understand the consequences of his actions…

The Fox Who Painted the Sky

The Fox Who Painted the Sky is a story about a little fox who wants to find the most beautiful color in the world and paint the sky with it. The fox’s friends suggest their favorite colors; grass-green, snow-white and sea-blue, but the little fox has a solution to please everyone – did you ever wonder how the Northern Lights came to be?

Rights sold:
FINLAND: Karisto (orig.)
GERMANY: Knesebeck Verlag

The Grumblebelly Cat

In a barren land, when a little girl meets a gigantic cat that threatens to devour her, she makes it a smart offer. The girl leads the cat across the lands, looking for something to satiate its hunger before it eats her, but they encounter draught, destruction and people who have nothing to eat except their dreams. When the cat gobbles up the girl, she finds something in its belly, something that has made it so hungry…

The Grumblebelly Cat is a classical fairytale about a contemporary subject. The detailed, monochrome illustrations by Teemu Juhani add another layer in the story.

Rights sold:
FINLAND, Karisto (Orig. publisher)
GERMANY, Dressler/Oetinger

The Island of Lost Animals

Mathias takes his little sister Jenny to the circus for her birthday. Jenny adores lions; she has dressed up in a lion costume for the occasion and is invited in to the circus ring to pet a lion cub. Suddenly, a monstrous creature bursts through the roof of the circus tent, seizing the lion cub and Jenny!

Mathias and the lion cub’s dad set off on a rescue mission, far across the sea to a mysterious jungle island that is home to weird and wonderful creatures. But can Jenny and the lion cub be there too? And why are the island’s inhabitants so peculiar?

A captivating, vibrant adventure story with illustrations for young readers and fans of The Jungle Book, Tarzan and Where the Wild Things Are.

See trailer for the book here! (in Finnish)

Rights sold:
FINLAND (Original publisher), WSOY
CHINA, Hunan Juvenile and Children’s Publishing House
LITHUANIA: Aukso pieva

Little Brother’s Marvellous Expedition

The Countess and her Little Brother are about to embark on a big expedition into the rainforest in their back garden on a quest to track down the mythical Bogeyeribbon anaconda, a terribly dangerous giant snake. Equipped with harpoons and binoculars, the intrepid duo are ready for the jungle, where they encounter bloodthirsty swamp leopards, croaking frogs, goat traps and all sorts of other incredible things. The siblings are helped on their way by Little Brother’s matchbox-sized monkey, and a granny who lives in a house on stilts.

A skilfully-told humorous adventure story about siblinghood and adventures in one’s own back garden.

Little Mouse’s Christmas

Book III in the ‘Little Mouse’ series

Little Mouse has a long time to wait until Christmas! Luckily he has lots of things to do to get ready!
It’s almost Christmas and Little Mouse is looking forward to celebrating Christmas with Mummy Mouse and Grandpa and Grandma Mouse. But Christmas feels very far away and Little Mouse is very impatient!
Fortunately there are all kinds of things for Little Mouse to help with, like cooking gingerbread and choosing the right Christmas tree.

Rights sold:
FINLAND, Tammi (Original publisher)
UK & ANZ, Scribble/Scribe
CHINA, Beijing Yuntu Tech
ESTONIA, Rahva Raamat
FRANCE, Carbourakis
RUSSIA: Lenizdat

Captain Cody and the Big Dive

A rescue team embarks on a deep sea adventure.

One night, a gigantic whale appears in the harbor with an urgent message for Captain Cody: their mutual friend Tofu is in distress. Barrels of toxic waste have been found near Tofu’s deep-sea research center.

Captain Cody hurries to the rescue with his ship Lindy Hop. His friends Vince, James and Tautou, the monkey are also on their way. But the tricky rescue operation demands technically-advanced equipment. Will Tautou succeed in building an amphibian vehicle for their deep-sea operation? As the ingenious team prepares for their mission, crucial help arrives in the form of a new, heavyweight, friend.


The Tomppa Series

The series of beautiful Tommy books created by the award-winning illustrator and author Kristiina Louhi. The adorable little boy Tommy and his development – from early baby days into toddlerhood and beyond – is followed with vivid images. Tommy was first introduced to the public in the book Our Tommy in 1993, and the books have since gained a classic status amongst children’s books.

BOOK XV: Tommy’s Story Book

Original title: Tompan juhlakirja | Published: 2013 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 144

The first Tommy book was published twenty years ago. To celebrate this, a new storybook is being published this year, which includes: Our Tommy; Tommy’s Night at Granny’s; Tommy and Apricot’s milk – and the brand-new story Tommy and Doctor Ear.

BOOK XIV: Tommy’s New House

Original title: Tompan uusi koti | Published: 2012 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

Tommy lives in a perfectly nice house with Dad, Mom, William the Worm, Mousedog, and Kitty the cat. But suddenly everything gets turned upside down at home. Mom is emptying the closets and cupboards and packing things into boxes. The bookshelf turns into a pile of boards, and pretty soon Tommy’s bed has been taken apart, too. Tommy begins to grow anxious. ”Don’t worry. We’re moving to a new house, the whole family. You’ll get your very own room,” Mom says cheerfully, but Tommy isn’t reassured. 

BOOK XIII: Tommy and Apricot’s Milk 

Original title: Tomppa ja Taatelin maito | Published: 2010 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

When Tommy wakes up in the morning, he knows right away he’s in an unfamiliar place. He can hear strange noises from outside: a baby crying, a cow mooing and a big engine running. Tommy is visiting his cousins Gertie, Artie and Willie the baby.´The world looks very different at his cousins’ place compared to Tommy’s home in the city. You can see fields, cows, woods, a huge blue silo and on top of it all a real tractor chugging in the middle of the yard! The breakfast porridge tastes familiar, but the milk is different. It’s thick, yellow and sweet. “It’s our Apricot’s milk,” explains Gertie, and later Tommy gets to know Apricot the cow, along with her friends Rosemary, Marjoram and Thyme.

BOOK XII: Tommy in Wonderland

Original title: Tomppa ja kummaa | Published: 2009 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK XI: Tommy and the Cat’s Paws

Original title: Tomppa ja Kissantassut | Published: 2003 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK X: Tommy Is A Big Boy 

Original title: Tomppa on iso | Published: 2002 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK IX: Where Is Tommy?

Original title: Missä Tomppa ?| Published: 2000 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK VIII: Tommy’s Christmas 

Original title: Tompan joulu | Published: 1999 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK VII: Full Speed Ahead, Tommy

Original title: Tomppa vauhdissa | Published: 1998 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK VI: Tommy Goes Fishing

Original title: Tomppa kalastaa | Published: 1997 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK V: Tommy’s Better Day

Original title: Tompan parempi päivä | Published: 1996 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK IV: Tommy’s Night At Granny’s

Original title: Tomppa ja mummolan yö | Published: 1995 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK III: What Tommy Wants

Original title: Tomppa tahtoo | Published: 1994 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK II: Hello Tommy!

Original title: Terve Tomppa! | Published: 1994 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK I: Our Tommy

Original title: Meidän Tomppa | Published: 1993 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

The Annie Series

The much-beloved Annie books by Kristiina Louhi have been translated into nearly 10 languages already. The first Annie book was published in 1984, and now the first generation of Annie fans is reading stories about little Annie’s everyday life to their children. The beautiful illustrations are fancied both by parents and their children.

Rights sold: Chinese (simplified), English (UK), German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Faroese

BOOK X: Annie Travels

Original title: Aino matkustaa | Published: 2004 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK IX: Annie, Mum’s Little Helper

Original title: Aino, äidin apulainen | Published: 1996 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK VIII: Annie and Tiger

Original title: Aino ja tiikeri | Published: 1992 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK VII: Annie’s Room – No Entry

Original title: Ainon huone pääsy kielletty | Published: 1990 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 28

BOOK VI: Annie Wants to Come Along

Original title: Aino tahtoo mukaan | Published: 1988 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 30

BOOK V: Annie’s Naughty Skates

Original title: Aino ja tuhmat luistimet | Published: 1987 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK IV: Annie’s Mum Is Angry

Original title: Ainon äiti on vihainen | Published: 1986 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK III: Annie Is Nearly Three

Original title: Aino pikkuinen tyttö | Published: 1985 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK II: Annie and the New Baby

Original title: Aino ja pakkasen poika | Published: 1985 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

BOOK I: Annie’s Year

Original title: Ainon vuosi | Published: 1984 | Publisher: Tammi | Pages: 32

The Onni Series

BOOK I: Onni’s Busy Day

Original title: Onni-pojan puuhakas päivä | Published: 2007 | Publisher: Minerva | Pages: 32

Onni is a curious toddler who examines the world around him by banging on a kettle drum, smelling flowers and flipping through books. In this book we get to follow Onni’s busy and colourful day, with its joys and moments of disappointment, from morning to evening. Mom, dad and friends also take part in the fun. The perfect first book.

BOOK II: Onni’s Grand Journey

Original title: Onni-pojan mahtava matka | Published: 2008 | Publisher: Minerva | Pages: 28

Onni travels abroad with his mom and dad to see cousin Elviira, uncle Pablo and aunt Tuulikki. First the suitcases are packed and the family heads to the airport, where Onni stares at the airplanes in wonder. Soon Onni also gets to travel by train and see the ocean and seagulls. Once he finally sees his cousin gets to play in the sand, splashes in the ocean and spots bats and moths at night. Back at home he dreams of an airplane, a hot air balloon and a ship. And what does he find in his suitcase?

BOOK III: Onni’s Recycling Book

Original title: Onni-pojan kierrätyskirja | Published: 2008 | Publisher: Minerva | Pages: 40

When he eats breakfast with his parents, Onni knows how all the leftover food is split into different waste containers. Later, while taking the garbage out with his dad, he sees his neighbour taking out old cardboard boxes. Onni’s dad has an idea to build a ship out of cardboard, and the whole family has fun getting creative. Later the neighbours gather at a yard sale where every fun item has its own story.

BOOK IV: Big Brother Onni

Original title: Onni-pojasta tulee isoveli | Published: 2009 | Publisher: Minerva | Pages: 26

Onni’s mom and dad have big news: there’s a baby growing in his mom’s belly, and Onni is going to be a big brother! Onni gets to go to the doctor with his mom and listen to the baby’s heartbeat. A sound of “tum, tum, tum, tum” echoes through the room. When the big day arrives, grandma and grandpa come to watch Onni while mom and dad go to the hospital. Soon Onni has a tiny little brother. At home he wonders why the baby just eats and cries and doesn’t know how to play at all. He gets to help in taking care of the baby, too, and go swimming with his mom while dad watches the baby. Who will be the first to make the baby smile?

BOOK V: Onni Goes To Preschool

Original title: Onni-poika menee päiväkotiin | Published: 2010 | Publisher: Minerva | Pages: 40

It’s time for Onni to begin preschool. The school is called Ladybug, which Onni thinks is a good name, and it has plenty of fun things: pillows for fort building, a corner for telling stories and a huge craft room. One day, though, Onni decides that he no longer wants to go to preschool. “But Viljo from next door is there, and a big toy train set and a slide outside. And mom and dad will come get you at the end of the day. And you will make new friends,” his parents encourage him. When the day is over, Onni has changed his mind: “You came too early; my ship has to sail all the way to Africa,” he says when he sees his mom at the door. Her shoes are damp from the rain, but she is beaming with happiness.

BOOK VI: Onni and the Scary Monster

Original title: Onni-poika ja hirveä hirviö | Published: 2011 | Publisher: Minerva | Pages: 34

“Today we are going on a nighttime adventure,” says Onni’s dad and tells him that they might see or hear owls, hedgehogs, bats or moths. “Do you think we might see ghosts or monsters?” asks Onni, who would much like to spot at least one monster. The next day Onni, little brother Olavi and Viljo from next door pretend to be ghosts.  Onni turns off the lights, and little Viljo starts to cry: he says there is a monster under the bed. Is this game too scary? Sometimes being afraid can be fun, and other times it doesn’t feel so fun at all.

BOOK VII: Onni Makes a New Friend

Original title: Onni-poika saa uuden ystävän | Published: 2012 | Publisher: Minerva | Pages: 31

Aram from Iran moves next door. He and his brother Olavi decide to bake FInnsih sweet buns, pulla, and take them to their new neighbours. The next day Aram brings over rice pudding. The boys realize that although they do not share a common language, they can still play together. Both boys are occasionally confused by the other’s family customs, but when one particular holiday approaches, they notice that both families are preparing similar foods and decorations. Aram’s sister, too, makes a new neighbour friend, his mother finds a Finnish language teacher, and an enthusastic recipe swap begins in the neighbourhood.

BOOK VIII: Onni Wants It All

Original title: Onni-poika tahtoo kaiken | Published: 2013 | Publisher: Minerva | Pages: 40

It’s Onni’s birthday, and the celebration is even more fun than he expected. The next morning he wants juice and lollipops for breakfast. “Why can’t every day be birthday?” he asks. Onni’s dad trips on a toy car. ”Where did all this stuff come from?” he wonder. There are too many toys already, but Onni would really like to have something new and exciting: it seems like there is never enough. Onni and dad fix a broken toy together, and mom and little brother Olavi go next door to bring some baby toys to little Viivi. But what does Onni say when mom wants a new pair of shoes?

BOOK IX: Onni Goes To Grandma’s House

Original title: Onni-poika menee mummolaan | Published: 2014 | Publisher: Minerva | Pages: 32

Onni visits his grandma and grandpa all on his own for the first time. Although nervous at first, he gets to build a fortress out of sheets, go on a bike ride with his grandma, sit by the bonfire and sneak candy out of the cabinet. Finally he sprawls out so comfortably on his grandparents’ bed that his grandpa ends up on the floor. The next day he has plenty of fun stories to tell his family.

BOOK X: Onni Likes To Play

Original title: Onni-poika tykkää pelata | Published: 2015 | Publisher: Minerva | Pages: 40

Onni has a terrible flu! But even that has its positive sides: he gets hot chocolate, cough drops and – what’s best – he gets to play with the computer! His brother thinks its unfair that he gets to play so much, and dad gets a headache for playing too much. At times they play outside, too, and play chess. But the brothers are quarreling and would want to sit at the computer all the time. Mom would want to throw the whole machine down from the balcony. Then dad thinks he’s come up with a solution for the gaming! Will it work?

BOOK XI: Onni goes to preschool

Original title: Onni-poika menee eskariin | Published: 2016 | Publisher: Minerva| Pages: 40

Onni’s summer holiday is coming to an end. Soon he’ll have to start preschool.
“Is preschool easy?”, Onni asks his next-door neighbour Eino.
“It’s easy as long as you know how to handle it,” replies Eino mysteriously.
That evening, Onni feels more nervous than he’s ever felt in his life. Luckily dad’s got a good medicine to cure preschool nerves.

BOOK XII: Onni makes a furry friend

Original title: Onni-poika saa eläinystävän | Published: 2017 | Publisher: Minerva| Pages: 40

The twelfth book in the much-loved Onni series is all about the unique relationship between children and animals and what children can learn from their furry friends. Onni and Olavi finally get what they’ve been waiting for: their very own hamster! At first their new pet is really shy. Then the whole family learns how to take care of the animal and make him feel at home. But when the impatient Olavi wakes the hamster in the middle of his sleep, he getfrightened and bites Olavi’s finger!

BOOK XIII: Onni’s winter adventure

Original title: Onni-pojan talviseikkailu | Published: 2018 | Publisher: Minerva| Pages: 40

The thirteenth book in this much-loved series is about the joy of winter. Onni’s family catch the train to the north of Finland because Onni’s mumhas caught Lapland fever! They arrive at a cabin in the middle of the snow. When a girl whizzes past on her skis, Onni issuddenly very interested in skiing and his neighbour’s reindeer… well, yes OK, also a girl called Netta. Onni has made a friend in Lapland.

BOOK XIV: Onni and the balcony jungle

Original title: Onni-pojan talviseikkailu | Published: 2019 | Publisher: Etana Editions | Pages: 32

Onni’s mum can’t wait for spring. Dad makes her a green smoothie and Onni and Olavi rub daffodils and rays of sunshine into her back. Then the whole family develop a passion for their balcony garden.

BOOK XV: Onni speaks his mind

Original title: Onni-poika osoittaa mieltä | Published: 2020 | Publisher: Etana Editions | Pages: 32

Onni takes action and realises he can have an impact on things that are important to him. Onni and his family are riding their scooters in a nearby park when they find out that there are plans afoot to clear their dear park for a road and tram tracks. That’s not acceptable in Onni’s opinion. The family makes cardboard signs and takes part in a protest, and luckily many others join them: “Trees, not roads!”, “Hedgehogs live here!” Eventually the decision- makers listen to the inhabitants in the area, and everyone is rewarded with a pastry when the park is saved.

Rights sold:

CHINA, China CITIC Press (Books 1-9)
KOREA, Samseong Publishing (Book 3)

The Cow with a Trap Door on Her Side

The Cow with a Trap Door on Her Side represents Kontio’s writing at its best: his masterful use of language and surrealistic literary landscaping. The book does not underestimate the readers or try to be educational. It manages to capture the confusion of childhood in a refreshing manner, as the children escape into the world, transported in the cow’s stomach. Camilla Pentti’s stylized illustrations suit the lopsided style of the book perfectly.

Mo-ko-ma-ki! What A Feeling!

Much of our lives – whether we are kids or grown-ups – boil down to how successfully we recognize and control our emotions. Children as young as 2 are able to recognize a feeling by the other person’s expression, and at the age of 3 children can already identify their own feelings and comfort a sad person. In What A Feeling! the Mokomakis experience the full scale of the most common feelings. Can you tell what they are? And how do you feel? The little owls provide help and clues along the way. Oh, and there is a puzzle to solve, too.. The Book starts as a new Mokomaki trilogy: the following books will deal with colors (What A Color!) and forms (What A Form!)

Mo-ko-ma-ki! Paint It!

A puzzle and doodling book in the inimitable Mokomaki style.


Can you find my baby fox? It seems to have gone missing.

Ten little animals – or Mokomakis – have become separated from their mothers, and it’s your job to figure out where they are. The book offers plenty of visual fun, loads of details and a lot to discover, either on your own or with a parent. Previously published as a board book, the first of three Mo-ko-ma-ki! books is now available in a new and improved paperback edition.

Rights sold:

CHINA, Bei Jing Northark
FRANCE, Sarbacane
TAIWAN, Grimm Press

Mo-ko-ma-ki! Who Was It?

Can you quickly figure out, before the Mokomakis do, which one of them has played a trick? The zebra’s stripes have gone missing, someone makes faces at the giraffe, the little fox’s rowan berries have been eaten…and who woke the little lion up? The third Mokomaki book is aimed at all the little detectives out there. It provides plenty of visual fun (and about a hundred little owls to count), loads of details and a lot to discover, either on your own or with a parent.

Rights sold:

China, Taiwan, World English

Captain Cody and the Secrets of the Sea

Richard Scarry meets Finding Nemo in an energetic environmental adventure set in a Jacques Costeau-inspired world.

Seasoned Captain Cody, a seagull, explores the hidden corners of the ocean on his trusted little ship, Lindy Hop, with his friends Vince and James in tow. Early on in their journey a friendly dolphin pack introduces them to Tautou, a monkey who has lost his home island to rising sea levels.

During their oceanic adventure the group helps gather up trash from a beach and cleans up an oil spill. Finally they journey deep underneath the surface of the water to explore a rich underwater world. Here they meet the grandest creature in the animal kingdom: the blue whale.