Little Mouse Goes on a Cruise

Adorable bestselling picture book series about a little mouse and its everyday adventures.

✓  Rights for the series sold in 21 territories!

The Little Mouse series is an international bestseller with rights sold in over 20 territories. The stories focus on the toddler Little Mouse, who lives with Mummy Mouse and has fun and exciting adventures, whether they go camping, playing in the park, or cleaning up the house in preparation for guests. The lovely illustrations and familiar scenarios make the series relatable for children.

Book  #10:

Little Mouse is excited, for it’s his first trip abroad! Little Mouse packs his backpack, sets off to the port with Mummy Mouse and aunt Lizzie, and walks through a big pipe to get on board. Even though everything on the cruise ship is big, the cabin is surprisingly small. How will it feel to sleep when the waves lull the boat?

On the other shore there’s a rainy but beautiful city which is fun to explore. But what kind of experiences will the journey home bring?

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