The Secrets of Grimhill: The Blood Red Crystal

A captivating middle-grade trilogy about being an outsider, of friendship, bravery, and loss.

  • A mystery adventure trilogy where nothing is what it seems
  • The atmospheric setting, strong characters and unique plotlines make this an irresistible read
  • Series trailer in English available

The shadows over the castle grow, and no one is safe…

In the second part of the trilogy, fate leads the children from the shelter of Grimhill’s walls to the dark alleys of the city and nightly meadow.

The cold autumn winds are blowing, and a new school year begins in Grimhill. Oskar, Robin and Vilma meet again with the familiar staff of the sanatorium and the new head doctor, Hjalmar Klemet. All seems to be well on the surface, but underneath the surface the friendship between the trio is put to the test: Robin spends more and more time with the girl who arrived at the sanatorium in the spring and Vilma retreats more into her own world. The disturbing noises during the night are getting louder again and won’t leave Oskar alone. The final piece of the map leading to the forest is finally found, and the children learn of a mysterious and life-threatening task. A task that only the three of them can complete.