Where Did the Animals Go – Travelling Through Time With Lotta and Kasper

Standalone sequel to the bestselling WEIRD WEATHER that has sold to 17 countries –

A much-needed book that helps make sense of biodiversity crisis!

Lotta and Kasper keep seeing new worrisome news: dying bees, endangered animals, plastic in the Mariana Trench and on the glaciers of Antarctica, rivers polluted by mines, forest fires…

The children realize that even if the problems of climate change were solved, Mother Nature would still be in trouble! Climate change is only one part of an escalating environmental crisis. How will we survive?

Now retired fossil gremlin suggests that Lotta and Kasper set out on a grand journey through time in search of threads that may connect the past to the present and provide solutions for the future.

With the gremlin as their guide, the children find clues about the great changes that life has undergone in the past and how life has continued after major catastrophes. Through their journey, they come to see the roots of the current situation, understand why solving it is so tricky and learn how the human species has overcome previous crises to survive to this day.

What Is a Robot?

Friends Ro and Bot take a look at where one might bump into robots both now and in the future in this entertaining illustrated book. What do robots and humans have in common, and how do they differ?  Do robots think, can they have a crush on someone or even get mad?

Everything becomes clear in this amazing book by award-winning, bestselling children’s non-fiction author Laura Ertimo.

Weird Weather

Climate changes, why don’t we? Weird Weather! answers children’s tough questions about climate change, and tells how we can all fight against it.

Two clever buddies, Lotta and Kasper get tired of their parents’ evasive answers about weird weather. They decide to research what climate change is really is

Weird Weather! is accurate but hopeful children’s nonfiction that explains how humans are responsible for climate change
and what we can do to ensure a brighter future. It also gives tips on how everyone can make better choices and practice climate skills every day. But climate change won’t be beaten with tiny tricks, and this book also encourages talking to children about how to make changes in society, and how working together can change everything.

I’ll Become a Researcher

South American Kat used to examine the starry skies with her father and now her job is to search for new planets. Marjane loved hunting for treasures, and she became an archeologist who solves the mysteries of ancient cultures. Eduardo loved playing video games. He did not become a professional gamer, but now he creates climate models and ponders what our world will be like in a hundred years. All kinds of people do science, and anyone can become a scientist!

Fun Academy 1: The Kip Crew Book Series

A brand-new children’s non-fiction series created by Fun Academy, an official member of Education Finland

This fun series introduces four fun Kip Crew characters: Maco, Soca, Tuka and Waaba, who enjoy their adventures in space. However, you don’t immediately spot the elements of technology education with Maco, cyber security with Soca, healthy habits with Tuka and social skills with Waaba.

The Kip Crew series

Book 1 – The Kip Crew: Maco’s Spaceship

Maco is working on some amazing new inventions to make his spaceship more efficient and fun. Smeek has plans of her own.

Book 2 – Soca Solves the Secret Code

Soca has found a new language he is trying to learn to solve the mystery of Smeek the Lizard.

Book 3 – Tuka’s Space Olympics

Tuka organizes activities and sports opportunities for the Kip Crew. It happens that they accidentally also practice pre-mathematical skills while immersed in all the fun!

Book 4 – Waaba the Peacemaker

Waaba needs to solve some conflicts between other crew members before they can land. Social emotional skills are weaved into the story for you and your child to spot.

The Kip Crew also has two other fun learning book series: The Kip Crew Adventures and The Kip Crew Wants to Know More!