Travels in Time: How the Telephone Became Smart

How did one machine come to feature thousands of years of technology?

  • A beautifully illustrated title about everyday inventions and their origins

The smartphone includes a huge amount of functions that are the result of hundreds and thousands of years of progress. How did all these discoveries end up in a child’s pocket? Travels in Time delves into this mystery in a fun but precise way.

Lucy visits a second-hand store with her aunt. When Lucy doesn’t recognize all of the objects there, she comes up with imaginative ideas as to what their use might have been. A generation that has access to all sorts of tools in one device might not know about the past importance of all the appliances.

Travels in Time is a visual and easily approachable non-fiction title that presents to children the history of different inventions, such as writing, the camera, the radio, the computer, and many others. It also invites adults to have discussions with younger generations about their experiences growing up – how one had to wait for their turn on the phone when a sibling was chatting with friends, how the modem used to be slow or what songs one used to record on a cassette tape. Sounds familiar? Delve into the past and discover something new!