Winter in Bug Forest

Winter in Bug Forest is freezing, but sometimes little bugs’ love lets it warm up a bit! After the beautiful summer, Mr. Douglas makes his round to chat with all the bugs in the forest. He wants to find out more about their winter plans: who will hibernate, who won’t? Will the little litterbugs Muck and Grime really visit a bathhouse with their aunt? And who is now the every-changing object of Lovejoy’s affection?

Winter In Bug Forest is an independent sequel to Tales from Bug Forest, including a warm and descriptive mix of poetry and prose, accompanied by gentle, unforgettable illustrations that bring the characters to life. The book includes 8 tales and 4 poems about the everyday life in Bug Forest.

Virpi Penna

Virpi Penna is an award-winning illustrator and graphic artist, whose images glow with the delicate joy of colour and the enchantment of fairy tales. She has illustrated books by e.g. Ville Hytönen, Heikki Niska and Maria Vuorio.