Arctic Mirage

When Karo and Risto’s holiday to Northern Finland ends in a car accident, they are forced to stay at the luxurious Arctic Mirage Hotel. Will their relationship survive the next six days?

The winner of the Debut Novel Award 2020 delivers a literary mystery in the mystical setting of a Finnish backwood forest and a strange ski resort.

Karo and Risto go on holiday in Lapland to give themselves time to fix their stressful marriage. However, on their way back home, they’re involved in a car accident and are subsequently forced to stay at the only accommodation in the area; Hotel Arctic Mirage. Once inside, they find that the hotel has a rather strange atmosphere and it starts to have a peculiar effect on them. Karo begins to doubt her own memories and tries her best to escape the snowbound hotel holiday village whereas Risto starts to feel strange and refuses to leave.

Arctic Mirage is a strong-spirited, psychological novel about people in exceptional circumstances. It keeps the reader gripped and provides chills on every page.