The Enchanted Planet Earth

There is a planet where plants plan world domination. Where beasts are good, and trees live for thousands of years, collecting memories in their bark. This enchanted place is Earth.

This book has 10 stories, and 10 maps. They may sound or look like they are out of a fairy-tale, but they are real, true maps of our planet. The Enchanted Planet Earth is a children’s non-fiction book that also engages adults. Through magical maps it teaches about nature, oceans and the history of continents. The stories also provide a context where adults and kids can discuss the environmental issues and how people’s actions affect nature. Through narratives the book explains the real processes that change our planet and make the Earth habitable.


FINLAND: Kustantamo S&S (orig.)

What Is Water?

Illustrated by Satu Kontinen

What Is Water? is an eye-opening non-fiction book for the whole family about the most important substance in the world. It examines water from four different perspectives: The Planet, Nature, The Human and The Dive. By popularizing physics, geography and history, for example, we get to know over 60 ways in which water is connected with life on Earth.

Rights sold:
FINLAND, Myllylahti (orig. publisher)
RUSSIA, KompasGuide

What is Night

Illustrated by Satu Kontinen

A bedtime book of fictional and factual stories for knowledge-hungry kids and a literary tonic for insomniacs or those afraid of the dark.

This dark and mysterious book tells gentle stories about darkness and sleep. Divided into four parts, What is the Night? draws narratives from disciplines including astronomy, nocturnal nature, the physiology of sleep, and dreams, ending with an epilogue of multilingual good night wishes.

Over four, beautifully-illustrated chapters What is the Night? spins a captivating tale of true facts interspersed with myths and legends, explaining how the moon gets its glow, to the Ancient myths of how the night was created. This is the perfect bedtime book to read to others, both old and young, or oneself.

Rights sold:
FINLAND, Myllylahti (orig. publisher)
RUSSIA, KompasGuide


Mo-ko-ma-ki! What A Feeling!

Much of our lives – whether we are kids or grown-ups – boil down to how successfully we recognize and control our emotions. Children as young as 2 are able to recognize a feeling by the other person’s expression, and at the age of 3 children can already identify their own feelings and comfort a sad person. In What A Feeling! the Mokomakis experience the full scale of the most common feelings. Can you tell what they are? And how do you feel? The little owls provide help and clues along the way. Oh, and there is a puzzle to solve, too.. The Book starts as a new Mokomaki trilogy: the following books will deal with colors (What A Color!) and forms (What A Form!)

Mo-ko-ma-ki! Paint It!

A puzzle and doodling book in the inimitable Mokomaki style.


Can you find my baby fox? It seems to have gone missing.

Ten little animals – or Mokomakis – have become separated from their mothers, and it’s your job to figure out where they are. The book offers plenty of visual fun, loads of details and a lot to discover, either on your own or with a parent. Previously published as a board book, the first of three Mo-ko-ma-ki! books is now available in a new and improved paperback edition.

Rights sold:

CHINA, Bei Jing Northark
FRANCE, Sarbacane
TAIWAN, Grimm Press

Mo-ko-ma-ki! Who Was It?

Can you quickly figure out, before the Mokomakis do, which one of them has played a trick? The zebra’s stripes have gone missing, someone makes faces at the giraffe, the little fox’s rowan berries have been eaten…and who woke the little lion up? The third Mokomaki book is aimed at all the little detectives out there. It provides plenty of visual fun (and about a hundred little owls to count), loads of details and a lot to discover, either on your own or with a parent.

Rights sold:

China, Taiwan, World English