The third installment of the internationally bestselling Silk Sisters series, a stunning romantic, feel-good adventure – Bridgerton meets Jane Austen with Nordic heroines!

Mariam, the daughter of a highborn Persian lady and a Swedish tradesman, gets swept away in a breath-taking romantic adventure after she moves to Porvoo in the midst of Finnish War and becomes the talk of the whole city.

When her brother is arrested in Sweden, Mariam doesn’t hesitate in running to his aid. She’s read Jane Austen’s new novel Emma, whose independent heroine encourages Mariam to act. A mysterious baron promises to help her, but can she trust him?  And why do his silvery eyes remind Mariam of something?

The Silk Sisters series has dazzled readers in Finland and abroad. Don a silk dress and let the story sweep you away!


Beginning of a new series about the Grand Duchy of Finland in the spirit of Jane Austen.

Strict class hierarchy and fabulous silk ruffles rule in 19th-century Turku, where seamstress Charlotta is looking for her own Mr. Darcy.
When baron Ridderlöw of Starfire Manor hires seamstress Charlotta Silke as a lady’s maid for her sister, their lives change for good.

Charlotta gets her hands on Jane Austen’s newly published Pride and Prejudice and it alters the way she sees her role as a woman. But the book’s ideas of modern love, marriage and early feminism are put to the test as the bitter war-torn baron Ridderlöw becomes romantically interested in Charlotta. Can an ordinary lady’s maid have it all: a meaningful life and the man of her dreams?

Sara Medberg

SARA MEDBERG is a historian currently writing a doctoral dissertation about the education of highborn girls in the 18th century. The ideas for her novels are derived from her research. Medberg enjoys costume dramas, fashion from the past, castles, mansions, shopping and running. Her previous novel Golden Gate Manor (2018, Otava) has sold over 11,000 copies in Finland.