Timeless Nordic Rituals: Bringing Purpose and Joy to Modern Life

Rediscover our lost connection to nature and the past by applying ancient rituals in your own everyday life.

  • Ancient Nordic rituals as the antidote to our hectic, disconnected, urban life style
  • A guide for people who feel detached from themselves, who feel alienated from nature, who are looking to connect

Can people who live their lives in cities, and mostly connected to technology, benefit from ancient rituals and discover a life in rhythm with nature? What can we learn from the ancestors of the happiest people in the world?

The Year of Rituals is a book that invites us to take inspiration from long-forgotten and living traditions of the Finno-Ugric people, and to create rituals that strengthen our connection with nature, the cycle of life, and with our inner selves.

Rituals create a connection with the past, the present moment and the future. Ancient cultures and indigenous peoples created songs, poems, rituals and celebrations to rhythm life. We lived in harmony with the rhythm of nature, and offerings and chores were planned according to the seasons and seasons. With our urbanized and secular lifestyle, we have forgotten or abandoned many of the rituals and customs that have traditionally helped people transition from one season and life stage to another.

The Year of Rituals invites you to encounter ancient rituals in a modern way. It is a guide for those who have lost their souls, those who are alienated from the church or nature, those looking for connection.

Reetta Ranta has delved into the mythology of people of Finnish origin and indigenous peoples, and based on them, she has extracted and developed rituals related to the cycle of life and the cycle of the year, which help us to feel rooted in hectic, estranged from traditional life.