Mabel Merryweather and the Crowbar Gala

A fast and funny middle grade mystery series by a Finnish children’s book author who loves Roald Dahl and crazy stories!

  • Series sold to 7 territories!
  • Nominated for the Prix Chronos 2023 in Switzerland!

A bandit gathering at an awards gala causes havoc in town! The fourth title in this cracking detective series for middle-grade readers.

Nick and Lilly go camping and birdwatching on an island. Visiting Mabel’s inventor-friend Helga turns out to be anything but quiet when Pedro the Rooster vanishes. To boot, the news reports say that a bunch of bandits have escaped from prison.

Soon, they find out that the old factory building on the opposite shore is not being used for filming the newest season of a popular game show, but instead for organizing the Crowbar Gala, in which awards for the most successful bandits are given out. Without the wits of Nick, Lilly, and the mighty Mabel Merryweather, these goons would be able to continue with their mischief.