Souls was nominated for the 2015 Finlandia Prize, the country’s highest literary honor. Praised for its lyrical prose and ability to depict a child’s point of view, Souls tells the story of a small-town Finnish family whose daughter unexpectedly disappears.

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Original publisher: FINLAND, Tammi


Book of Angels

A young father’s stunningly intensely depicted trial of strength in a time of difficulty.

Tuomas has been a single dad to Aino for so long that she no longer asks him where Mommy is. When Tuomas loses his job and his house burns down, things start feeling irredeemably hopeless. But then into the picture steps an old friend, who decides to save Tuomas and bring him back to the land of the living.

Book of Angels is an intense and poetic description of the waning of an individual’s strength and his slow ascent to fresh hope. It is a story of consolation, a bold description of the grandeur of the small, everyday things in life, of the fundamental questions of existence. Why, and for whom, do we live? What is love?

Pääskynen once again exhibits an astounding capacity, familiar to readers of The Day of Wrath (Vihan päivä, 2006) to see deep into the human heart.