Agnes and the Shadow in the Window

Third title in the Arvid Lydecken and Runerberg Junior nominated series!

Agnes and her mother have moved into their mysterious manor where summer camps are held. Suddenly, drawings that no one claims to have drawn appear during an arts summer camp. A strange shadow is captured by Agnes’s camera, as if someone is standing next to the window in the empty room. Does the manor have more secrets to share?

Agnes and the Mysterious Manor

Agnes’ adventures continue in this sequel that is both a ghost story and a family mystery.

Agnes and her mother have inherited a beautiful old villa, but there seems to be something strange about it. There is a lovely scent of flowers in the air, even though there aren’t any flowers in the houses. Every morning, the lid of an old piano is found open even though no one has been playing it. More importantly, why can they hear steps on the staircase to the attic?


I really like the stories with Agnes. They are mysterious and have an atmosphere. Some things are unsaid in the book, so the reader can understand the book the way he/she wants. The story leads children to think about their family’s history and take the interest in the lives of their grandparents. This is very important. The story combines old and the wise with new and young.

Agnes and the Garden of Dreams

First book of the series

11-years-old Agnes has to move to a small countryside town with her mother. Her parents are divorced, and Agnes doesn’t know anyone
from her new hometown. She is not having the best summer of her life.

But then something weird happens. Agnes finds an old tombstone that has her name and birthday engraved on it – only the birth year is different. Whose grave is it?

Agnes befriends a boy called ”Bun”, who is also lonely. Together they start to solve the mystery of the tombstone. They find out more and more about a family who lived in the town years and years ago. When they go visit the family’s abandoned mansion, Agnes realizes something. She has been there before – in her dreams.

What is happening? It feels like someone who lived a long time ago is trying to tell something to Agnes. Is it possible that these two Agneses from different times have some connection?

Coming up: Book #2 to be published in 2021. More information coming soon.

Rights sold:

GERMANY: Carlsen
ESTONIA: Eesti Raamat
RUSSIA: Rosman