Wolf Cub

An atmospheric literary crime novel about desire and fanaticism by an award-winning fiction author

✓ Johanna Holmström is the winner of the Karin Boye Literature Prize 2023, Svenska Dagbladets Literature Prize 2009, The Svenska Yles Literature Prize 2009 and was nominated for the Runeberg Prize in 2018 and in 2023

One day, a dirty and unfamiliar little boy stands in Seija’s tulip bed. Upon seeing his wide-open eyes, her motherly heart overflows, but the boy refuses to say a word–only a memory card is found in his mouth. Police Inspector Minna and her sidekick Timo are called, but no one has reported a missing child. Who is the boy and where does he come from?

When the photographer Gloria moves into a collective in the forest, she feels that she has found her home. She enjoys the freedom and companionship, blind to what is going on around her. And when the truth is finally revealed, it is too late for her to escape.

This relentless thriller is set in Kuhmo, northern Finland, in a wilderness as wonderfully beautiful as it is terrifying.